Hungary: Hundreds Gather to Honor Fallen Soldiers of the Golden Dawn

The Sixty-four County Youth Movement remembered two Golden Dawn activists gunned down by communist terrorists

Hungarian Ambiance
November 16, 2013

About 200 hundred Hungarian nationalists remembered the Golden Dawn activists gunned down by communist terrorists.

The commemoration service started at 6 pm at the Greek Embassy in Budapest on Wednesday by playing the Golden Dawn and the HVIM anthems. A petition read out by the activist Béla Ince among other things demanded the arrest of the perpetrators. At the end of the commemoration service participants lit candles in memory of the martyred activists.

“The strength of a party or a movement always manifests itself in the magnitude of sacrifices made by its members and supporters. The invincibility of an ideology could be measured by the sacrifices of its followers. Since Horst Wessel we know what happens if a martyr’s blood sanctifies the flag of a movement. From there, it is the myth that keeps fighting on and myths as we know are invincible. The martyrdom of the two Greek patriots entitles Golden Dawn to continue the fight as the successor of Leonidas and the 300 Spartan heroes. Glory to Hellas! Glory to the heroes!” says the statement read by the activist.

Next, the message of Golden Dawn activists was read:

The attack was expected. We knew it was going to happen, it was only a matter of time. What we didn’t know in what form it will come.

Comrades Giorgos Foudoulis and Manos Kapelonis were assassinated to become immortals. They took their places in the hall of Hellenic heroes and martyrs.

Their death has opened a new chapter in the life of our organization, which is now written in blood. The perpetrators and their instigators committed this outrageous crime to sow panic and fear in our ranks, to weaken our movement.

But they will never achieve their goals. We are not retreating, and are not going anywhere! We continue our struggle and fight on as long as Greece exists!

At the end of the commemoration service the names of the martyred activists were read out loud, then the crowd replied “We are here!”