Hypocritical Mexican Officials Extorting Cuban Wetbacks for Being in Mexico

Daily Stormer
January 15, 2017

So I givee to you one thousand dollar in iPhone store cards, and you let me leetle nephew go?

Beaners do the funniest things. One minute they tell you your borders are just imaginary lines, the next minute they’re throwing different varieties of beaner into the hoosegow for crossing their imaginary lines.

Miami Herald:

For some of the U.S.-bound Cuban migrants who are now at the Siglo XXI detention center in the far southwest Mexican city of Tapachula — and their relatives in the United States — a journey once filled with hope is now overflowing with anguish.

“For weeks, we have been getting calls from somebody demanding money if we want to see our family members again,” said the mother of one of the stranded Cubans who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution against her son.

The woman, who lives in Miami, recounted how half an hour after receiving a call from her son from the detention center, the telephone rang again and again from different numbers in Mexico.

The voice on the other side of the device identified himself only as a lawyer by the name of Padilla.

“He tried to find out the names of our relatives and told us that he could help us get them out of there for a sum of money,” said the Miami mother.

I’ve got some news for you mamacita, your relative may not even be in a Mexican detention center. Mexicans are notorious liars, and are utterly corrupt. It must be part of their DNA. The corruption gene or something.

This is a well known tactic that Mexican scam artists have been using ever since wire transfers have been a thing. It recently happened to my former HMR cohost’s elderly mother. She got a call from some fast talking bean monkey claiming her grandson was in a Mexican jail, and all she had to do was send him a few thousand dollars via MoneyGram and they could come pick up their grandson at the border. Fortunately, the man at the grocery store where she was buying the MoneyGram was aware of the scam and refused to take her money until she actually called her grandson.

He was safe at college, had never been near the fetid stank-hole of Mexico in his life.

But I digress.

“We are afraid of what could happen to them; they are in the hands of mobsters,” said the Miami mother. “Last week, three Cubans disappeared from the same detention center. Nobody knows what happened to them.”

You’re right about that ma’am, they are indeed in some pretty deep doo doo. But speaking as a White American (and really, is there any other kind?), I don’t feel one bit sorry for them. We have a surplus of Cubans as it is, and we don’t want any more of them. Relations with Cuba have been normalized, Cubans are no longer eligible for permanent residence by mere dint of getting their lousy carcasses flopped onto American soil, so they went through Mexico to sneak across the border lie,m a regular Mexican wetback, but unfortunately for them,. Mexico has strong immigration laws and they actually enforce them, so these Cuban beaners or whatever the hell they are are getting what they deserve, namely, detention.

I bet you wish you’d stayed in Cuba now, huh Cubans?

Yes, they had a dream, a Cuban-American dream. They dreamt of a shining city on a hill, where, if they managed to get here, they could go on welfare, perhaps get an interest-free immigrant business loan and a fat White woman, maybe commit a little organized crime, sell some drugs like Scarface.

And it would have all been theirs if not for the corruption of Mexicans and the intolerant racisms and bigotries of these evil White people who stole this land and refuse to commit national suicide (Jewicide?).

I would like to help these people the best way I can, so here goes:

ATTENTION NON-WHITES: We do not want you here. Do not listen to the Jew media or the left, and especially do not listen to the activists among your own kind who are attempting to convince you that America is one big “melting pot” of all the various non-Whites. We never wanted that, and now the Will of the People is finally being done. We not only don’t want any more of you, we are removing the ones already here, and while we are starting slowly, we will ramp it up until we have MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and everyone knows the only way you can do that is to MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN!

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