I ❤️ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2019

AOC is so great.

She is just a machine that rattles off random things that pop into her head, and about a third of the time I’m like “YES THAT LOL.”

For various different reasons, of course.

But this is so good:

“So long as we have a draft, I support people of all genders being drafted. Equality.”

This is what happens when you let brown women do feminism.

She doesn’t get that this whole “feminism” thing is about women getting advantages over men. Not “equality.”

Feminists do not support female conscription.

They wiggle out of it by saying that feminism is against all war anyway.

But with AOC you are on such a basic level that this kind of nuanced trickery doesn’t even register.

You couldn’t even explain it to her.

And this goes much beyond feminism to something that is actually important: this new generation of empowered brown people doesn’t understand that “racial equality” is just an attack on white men – let alone the idea that Jews are somehow both the most oppressed and the most powerful group on earth, at the same time.

So they come out with: “yeah but fuck Jews tho.”

Furthermore, when we enter the full hell of multiculturalism and these brown people have complete control, we are going to be able to go out there and say “white people are also a group.”

They will be like “fuck white people tho?” and we’ll be like “yeah, but we’re a group – and equality and so on.”

And they will be too confused to push the “but your institutionalized power and privilege?” bit and just go along with it.

When whites are a minority, you will have white interest groups that organize openly and are not punished for doing so.

That may sound nuts, but I’m serious.

Brown people are not going to be able to maintain the systematic oppression of whites in the way that Jews are maintaining it now.

And they will end up being more “fair.”

Because there is no race as brutal as the Jews. Not even close.

When the boomers die and we are a minority, a lot of stuff is going to be worse, but some things will be better. At least we are going to be able to be open and honest about what is going on, without the level of pushback we are currently experiencing.