I Have a Much Cheaper Solution to Heroin Withdrawal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2018

Yes, it’s sad so many of our young people are hooked on drugs, and yes, I realize it is their parents’ fault. But we have to solve the problem, and we have to do it quickly. That is what justice is. 

So the drugs that they use to get people off of heroin are a complete and total scam.

They are just lower forms of opiates, which follow the “wean” theory. They’ve been doing this for decades – they used to use methadone, now they use suboxone, a sublingual (under the tongue) strip that releases synthetic heroin into your bloodstream.

Jewish drug companies, upset about the attacks on their sales of Oxycontin, are raising prices on these wean drugs.

The Guardian:

A 700% spike in the price of a drug used to wean addicts off heroin has caused alarm among treatment agencies, which warn of a rise in drug-related deaths unless urgent action is taken to make it more affordable.

Buprenorphine is an alternative to methadone that reduces the symptoms of withdrawal and lessens the desire to use heroin. It is estimated that more than 30,000 people in England use the drug, which offers a reduced risk of overdose compared with methadone.

Earlier this year it emerged that one of the makers of the generic drug, which is far cheaper than its branded equivalent, Subutex, had stopped producing it. Amid fears of an impending shortage, the government stated that pharmacies could be paid close to the same price for dispensing buprenorphine as Subutex, in an attempt to encourage manufacturers, who could command higher prices elsewhere, to continue supplying the UK. Prices rocketed.

Let me tell you about this: junkies get these “wean” drugs to use when they are on downtime from mainlining dope. They don’t actually “wean,” they just use them as an alternative while they need some time to function at a slightly higher level than that of a mainlining junkie.

If you go in a clinic for suboxone, it is just a bunch of junkies getting Obamacare scripts so they can chill for a bit in between heroin binges.

I have a two step program for getting people off heroin.

Step One: 

Ten days locked in a concrete room with a bucket.

Step Two (if step one fails):

A bullet to the head.

Not complicated.

No need for expensive (taxpayer-funded) pharmaceuticals.

Get ‘er done.