‘I Killed It and I Liked It’ – 14-Year-Old Black Boy After Brutally Stabbing His Grandma to Death

Daily Mail
April 29, 2014

He stabbed his Grandmother over 50 times before walking into school covered in blood talking about how much he had enjoyed killing her. This is how all Blacks feel after their bloodlust has taken hold, it is just that usually they are older and have learnt to lie about it.

A 14-year-old boy accused of stabbing his grandmother more than 50 times went to school afterwards covered in blood, an Atlanta court heard yesterday.

Charles Price is being charged as an adult over the murder of his grandmother, Mary, who was found inside her home on Friday last week.

Police believe the teenager stabbed the 76-year-old in an argument over the television’s DVR.

When Price arrived at Therrell High School, a teacher and a police officer who spotted him in a corridor initially thought he had stabbed another student.

He was described as being covered in blood, and allegedly said: ‘I killed it,’ and liked it, school officials said in their testimony.

Teachers contacted the police, who went to the family’s southwest Atlanta home, where they found Mrs Price and a trail of blood from the kitchen to the living room.

Mrs Price had been stabbed at least 57 times, in what officers described as a gruesome scene.

He killed her to settle a dispute over what channel to watch on the TV.

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