I Personally Believe Tim Pool Needs a New Hat

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2019

I like YouTuber Tim Pool.

A lot of people accuse him of being boring. Okay. Whatever. He is long-winded, but he puts out some interesting points and angles on things.

Here’s one he did about how young people – the Zoomer generation – are more conservative than Millennials.

He goes with some kind of sort of economic argument, which doesn’t really explain the social conservatism (they are definitely two separate things), but it’s an interesting enough talk.

He also did one recently about the Alexandria and that insane fake scandal about her dancing video.

The problem with Tim Pool is that he refuses to own his baldness. I can partially sympathize, as I had a receding hairline at an early age. I just so happen to have a lovely shaped head, which meant shaving it was fine.

That ended up being sort of a meme thing when I was accused of being a “neo-Nazi white supremacist” because I hate the Jews and think niggers are stupid and they called me a “skinhead” – and I was like “no lol I have MPB, I’m actually much worse than a skinhead – I’m a disreputable hipster nerd that listens to Kurt Vile, plays CRPGs, reads indie comic books and Wheel of Time and is exclusively attracted to Asian women lol. My hairstyle is totally unrelated to my desire to gas Jews in fake shower rooms.”

But this beanie isn’t working, Tim.

You need a new hat, lad.

I would consider a cowboy hat.

Or perhaps…

Whatever that hat that Tom Hardy wears in Taboo is called.

It’s like a uh. Some kind of pilgrim hat.

There are many hats in the world, Tim.

And of all the hats I’m aware of, the beanie is by far the worst.

I would argue it’s worse even than – dare I say it? – worse even than the backwards baseball cap. 

May God have mercy on my soul, but I do believe it is so.

I still argue that anyone wearing a backwards baseball cap should be shot on sight by privatized paramilitary police stationed on roofs with sniper rifles.

Honestly, anti-baldness is a legitimate prejudice that needs to be addressed.

We have all these protections for people who suck cock or dress-up like women and suck cock, protections for stupid niggers and retarded whores, but the bald are left out in the rain with nothing but a hat to cover their heads.

They invented a pill called “Propecia” to stop baldness but it is a testosterone blocker and I’m not sure what kind of madman would be willing to take that. There is some stand-up comedy joke where the guy says “I started taking both Propecia and Prozac, if one of them works I won’t need the other one.” But if Propecia is blocking your testosterone, you’re not going to have a sex drive, which means there’s no real reason to have hair.

This is to say that the obsession with baldness and anti-baldness, this fixation that people have with it, where they get obsessed, is a result of the gynocracy. There is no reason baldness should be considered unappealing, unless you’re a woman looking at a man for sexual purposes, in which case hair apparently signals virility.

Creating a society where it is the duty of men to be appealing physically to women is abhorrent and unmanageable.

Men should be appealing to women based on their accomplishments or their ability to kill other people and animals, not because they maintain teenage physical characteristics into adulthood.

You see, when women get the good life, created by the affluence that was built on the backs of working men and geniuses, they developed perverted sexual selection patterns. And if you do not control their sexual behavior, instead having a free market sexual marketplace for women, you get men doing things like becoming neurotically fixated on baldness, wearing dickhead-looking beanie hats and backwards baseball caps, taking pills that drop their testosterone levels.

Once again, every problem in our current social order can be traced back to the liberation of women. Something which, just so you understand, was done by the Jews.