I Wish the Media Would Declare Trump’s Attacks on the Media Anti-Semitic

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2019

Jews had the audacity to claim that Trump saying “globalist” is an anti-Semitic hate-attack on the Jews, effectively saying “Jews are behind globalism.”

They’ve even claimed that he uses the word “Democrat” as a codeword for Jews.

But when will they get the nerve to start claiming that attacking the media is anti-Semitic?

You know that they all want to call attacks on the media anti-Semitic, and are just holding themselves back.

They have for a long time said that any criticism of anything any individual Jew does is anti-Semitic, and obviously all of the media outlets criticizing Trump are run by Jews.

They’ve for a long time said that criticism of “international finance” is anti-Semitic. In the 50s and 60s, they claimed that criticism of communism was anti-Semitic.

They are constantly admitting to engaging in various swindles, scams and otherwise depraved activities by claiming that criticism of these activities is an attack on the Jewish race.

But they are too cowardly to admit control of the media.

I’ve dared them to do it before, and they just won’t.

In actual fact, whenever anyone says “lying newsmedia” they are saying “lying Jews” – whether they know it or not.

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