ICE Chief Prepares a Nationwide Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2017

Sure Jorge – tell that to the ICE agent as he ships your ass back to Mexico.

While the Jew media is focused in on Russian kookspiracy nonsense and the Obamacare debacle, it looks like some real action on illegal immigration is happening.

The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is preparing a serious crackdown on sanctuary cities. This is long overdue.

Washington Examiner:

Empowered by a president who has “taken the handcuffs off of law enforcement,” the nation’s chief immigration official revealed Tuesday that deportation targets have surged and that he’s planning to deploy more agents and resources to “sanctuary cities” to arrest illegal criminals.

Thomas D. Homan, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said in an interview that since Trump entered office, illegal border crossings have crashed by almost 70 percent, “an historic low,” arrests inside the country have jumped 40 percent and that demands for illegal criminals in local jails has skyrocketed 80 percent.

“You can like President Trump, not like him, like his policies, not like his policies, but one thing no one can argue with is the effect they’ve had,” said Homan, the former chief ICE enforcement boss and a 30-year immigration agency veteran.

He said that the change in immigration enforcement has been radical — and welcome — under Trump. “You’d think everybody would be celebrating these policies,” he said during the 45-minute interview in his office.

He’s also been authorized to hire 10,000 agents to do the job.

A New York native who took his first immigration job during the Reagan administration, Homan said that he plans to flood sanctuary cities with agents. He has been OK’d to hire 10,000 new agents and many will help track down illegals in those havens.

“The president recognizes that you’ve got to have a true interior enforcement strategy to make it uncomfortable for them,” he said.

He ripped cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco that refuse to let ICE officers into jails to seize illegal criminals. He explained that it is much safer for ICE targets, police and citizens to make the arrest in jails than on city streets.

These are all positive developments. 10,000 agents is a full fledged deportation force.

The most important aspect to this is how the tone has changed. Many illegal aliens will be self deporting themselves rather than take their chances with the deportation force. They know Trump is serious about this. That’s why illegal immigration has been plummeting. He’s allowing these people to actually do their job.

Combine this with the wall and we’ll finally have a proper framework to stop illegal immigration. ICE needs to go after every illegal alien because every illegal alien is a criminal.