ICE Raids: A Grand Total of 35 Immigrants Arrested

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2019

I remember when we were told a million immigrants were going to be rounded up and rapidly deported.

Then I remember we were told that 2,000 would be deported, and I remember thinking that this was a much lower number than 1,000,000.

Now, we hear about the actual deportations…


New York Times:

More than 2,000 migrants who were in the United States illegally were targeted in widely publicized raids that unfolded across the country last week. But figures the government provided to The New York Times on Monday show that just 35 people were detained in the operation.

President Trump had touted the raids — called Operation Border Resolve — as a show of force amid an influx of Central American parents and children across the southern border. After postponing the raids in June, Mr. Trump said ahead of time that they would take place last week.

Two current Department of Homeland Security officials and one former department official also confirmed to The Times that an enforcement operation would take place around mid-July.

But the publicity may have prompted many of those who had been targeted — 2,105 people in more than a dozen cities who had received final deportation orders but had not reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers — to temporarily leave their homes, or to move altogether to evade arrest.

Advance notice of the large-scale operation also gave immigrant advocates time to counsel families about their rights, which include not opening the door or answering questions. On social media, community groups shared detailed information about sightings of ICE agents.

In an interview Monday, Matthew Albence, the acting director of ICE, which is responsible for arresting, detaining and deporting unauthorized immigrants who are already in the United States, acknowledged that the number of apprehensions was low.

“I don’t know of any other population where people are telling them how to avoid arrest as a result of illegal activity,” he said. “It certainly makes it harder for us to effectuate these orders issued.”

“You didn’t hear ICE talking about it before the operation was taking place,” he added.

The arrests of the nearly three dozen migrants — 17 of whom were members of families that crossed the border together and 18 of whom were so-called collateral apprehensions of undocumented people — were among more than 900 that the immigration authorities have made since mid-May, Mr. Albence said.

Probably, two million have come across since Trump took office.

And how many were born in America since then?

These numbers are not looking good at all.

The media would be smart to promote the hell out of just how bad Trump’s border actually is, but instead they talk about how Trump has concentration camps and how he’s forcing these apes to drink out of the toilet. They are signal-boosting Trump’s own bullshit, which is protecting him from having to actually do anything about the border crisis.

Ah, well.

I just hope he makes up for this with some more racist tweets.

Let’s see here, what have we got this morning…

Oh jeez, Jews again???

Is he saying that because she attacked the Jews, the Jews are going to make sure she doesn’t win reelection?

Man, I do not want to talk about the Jews. I want to talk about these immigrants, and getting them the hell out of my country. Even if I didn’t hate the Jews, I wouldn’t be interested in talking about them all the time.

We’ve got these new deportation laws coming up now, but what is even the point of them? ICE is legally allowed to deport at least a million people who have committed felonies, and they’re not doing it. So what is the point of talking about the laws?

Yes, changing the asylum laws would help for the new ones coming in, but the deportation laws we have now are not being used.