I’d Buy That for a Dollar!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2018

I feel very strongly that this is the direction the Jewish community needs to be moving in.


As a Jew of color, Rabbi Georgette Kennebrae has had her fair share of experiences that have made her feel less than welcome in the Jewish community. People sometimes assume that she is a member of the synagogue janitorial staff rather than the rabbi. Sometimes when visiting a synagogue, she’ll be asked if she’s lost.

In her position as the newly installed rabbi of West End Synagogue, a Reconstructionist congregation on the Upper West Side, Kennebrae aims to challenge notions of what a Jew looks like.

Kennebrae, 42, wants to make people “understand that I’m not rare as a Jew of color, that there are many of us and that it shouldn’t be an automatic assumption that I’m a Jew-by-choice because I’m brown,” she said at a coffee shop near her congregation.

They can only be strengthened by being taken over by gayniggers.

I would donate to any program pushing to have all rabbis in America replaced with gayniggers.

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