Idiot Child Believed Blongord Drongoff When He Told Him He was Building a Wall

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2019

President Blongord Drongoff, totally incompetent assistant to the Jewish lord of America Jared Kushner, spends his holidays lying to innocent children.

Most of these children are stupid enough to believe his obvious lies.

Washington Examiner:

President Trump told reporters he had an avid supporter of the wall he wants to build along the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to the White House pool report, while Trump was helping children color cards for U.S. service members during the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll, he said young boy asked him about the border wall.

“I will. Oh It’s happening. It’s being built now. Here’s a young guy who said ‘Keep building that wall,’ can you believe that?” Trump said. “He’s going to be a conservative some day.”

You poor, stupid child.

All we have is a replacement fence.

And get this.

At the start of the event, Trump highlighted the success of the economy. “Our country is doing fantastically well,” he said. “Probably the best it’s ever done economically. We’re setting records on stock markets. We’re setting records with jobs. Unemployment numbers are the lowest they’ve ever been, 50 years in many groups.”

Starting off an Easter event talking about the economy.

That is basically blasphemy.

How about starting off an Easter event talking about THE RISEN CHRIST?

Oh, but Jared wouldn’t like that too much, would he?

Can’t be talking about Jesus Christ when every single movement of your fat body is the result of a Jew pulling a string, can you?

His Easter tweet was also about the economy.

This whole economy thing is clearly a gigantic hoax anyway, and that is going to become obvious soon enough.

I don’t think anyone would even care about that fact if it were not his sole focus. But he’s put all his Easter eggs in that basket, and they will come home to roost when people discover the scam.

And I’ll tell you – I’ve had about enough of this Easter Bunny.

I keep thinking that if a space alien race saw all of those “Easter Worshipper” tweets and then the public celebrations, they would think that there was a religion surrounding worshiping a bunny that represents the economy.

I get that Easter links back to a pre-Christian fertility celebration, and that the bunny, being an extremely fertile animal, is a symbol of that. But we aren’t honoring any ancient pre-Christian fertility tradition with this bunny. It’s obviously just thrown out there by Jews to cover up the meaning of this holiday.

They make everything about consumerism. Because materialism is the only thing the Jews understand. And they also understand that it is their most powerful weapon against the goyim to destroy our sense of identity and our families.