If China and Russia are Both Attacking You…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2018

The US, China and Russia are the three most powerful countries in the world. Arguably, every other country is more or less irrelevant, all things being equal.

So, if you are one of these three countries, what you probably do not want is the other two teaming up against you.

And yet, that is the situation we are currently in right now: China and Russia both gave strong condemnations of the US at the UN.

China is simply whining about trade.

Here are The Young Turks, an extremely liberal Islamo-communist group, praising a country which is currently genociding its Islamic population for “pwning” Trump.

The trade situation can’t really be fixed in a way that China is going to like. Because the entire dynamic of the situation is that former Presidents made all of these horrible trade deals that allowed China to rip us off and steal all of our industry. Of course they are mad Trump is reversing this.

Maybe they can come to an agreement on other terms, outside of trade, I don’t know. But the trade thing is the big thing and there is no solution to it other than an ongoing trade war, which China will eventually lose (though it won’t collapse their economy).

With Russia – their complaints are all very simple and very easy to fix.

They are angry at the US government for doing things that Trump campaigned on not doing. They want the war in Syria stopped, they want NATO to stop encroaching on them, they want sanctions lifted and they want to stop being accused of all of these global villainy hoaxes.

Doing none of these things would harm the United States in any way.

All of it could be done very easily, if there were not all of these people in Trump’s way.

He is this one guy in a snakepit.

This is why the midterms are so important.

We have to win and win hard so that Trump has the power to start making moves to shut down the Russian kookspiracy witch hunt and begin to normalize relations with Russia, so that it is the US and Russia vs China instead of what we have now.

A US-Russian alliance is and has always been the most obvious thing in the world. The two most powerful white countries coming together to dominate the globe.

This is what the American people want, it is what the Russian people want, and it would be the best thing for the entire world – we need to get rid of the scum that is preventing it from happening.

And by “scum” I mean “the Jews” and “Nikki Haley.”