Illusion Radio: Faust the Dutchman

Dr. Illusion
Illusion Radio
February 4, 2017

On this episode, the crew is joined by our good friend, Caerulus Rex, and special guest, Faust, who leads the Alt-Right front in The Netherlands. Faust will give us a rundown on Dutch politics and the historic inter-European conflicts, then we will discuss such topics as economics, free trade, the “darkening” of Europe, and the influence which American culture has had upon the rest of the world.

Caerulus Rex: @rex_caerulus

Hank Rearden: @_LiquidSwords

Mr. Fox: @PlainFox

The Mistress: @LadyMisogyny

If you wish to contact Dr. Illusion and are not sure how, please DM the Mistress.

Faust unfortunately does not own a Twitter, but you can check out his movement at or visit their YouTube channel at Erkenbrand Kanaal.

Thanks for listening, goys!


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