“I’m a Drag Queen With Down Syndrome!”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018


You know that feeling that you get when you see maggots crawling over a dog carcass?

The thing has been laying on the sidewalk until it turns into hot soup. The pavement heating it up from the bottom and the sun bearing down on top.

And you’ve got flip-flops on, headed straight for it, but it’s so hot and you’ve got one of those goofy sun hats that look just like this…

… on.

The sun was so intense that you just had to buy it, because you were burning up, even with that sunscreen on.

It cost like $50.

For that goofy hat that you’re feeling self-conscious about wearing right now.

You’re in your own head, and that’s why you don’t notice it until it’s right in front of you, your foot poised to step over the thing – it looks like a flattened Chihuahua with popped out eyeballs and writhing skin – and you’re like:


So you do this evasive mid-air hop and turn.


No, not like that. Just wanted to use the meme.

More like a mad scramble backward… away from the weird look its face is giving you.

Now, you’re thinking that your flip-flop grazed the Chihuahua and you freak the fuck out, trying to tear the damn thing off your foot because you’re terrified that some DEATH got on it.

The damn thing was sliding off your foot the whole walk over, but NOW it decides to cling onto your foot for dear life.

So you hop around for a bit, flick it off finally and let your bare foot down on the hot pavement.


Then you’re suddenly the one yelping, not the dog because it’s so fucking hot on the pavement and you’ve just kicked off your flip-flop – and as luck would have it – it landed back right next to the dead Chihuahua.

Hopping on one foot now, you try not to look over at the disgusting writhing maggot carcass and you hold your breath, lest you inhale some of the… miasma?

Anyways, yeah man. Puerto Rico is a magical place. Highly recommend for your next vacation.

I bring up this little story because the feeling that I got with the Chihuahua carcass is EXACTLY the same as the feeling I got watching this video.

So yeah.


The video above isn’t for the squeamish. If you dived right in without reading this warning, I’m very sorry.

…sorry that you didn’t value my writing enough to read what I had to say first before watching some bullshit video about Downs in drag.

This is a thing now.

These sick kikes are, presumably, bribing the handlers of these retards and dragging them out to drag shows to make fun of them.

As we’ve all learned, you can get away with the absolute sickest shit nowadays if you just couch it in SJWspeak. These people aren’t exploiting and mocking these Downies, they’re empowering them.

Life Site:

A drag troupe comprised of performers with Down syndrome is an LGBT activist’s latest foray into promoting so-called “inclusion.”

Several “Drag Syndrome” events took place at a handful of underground events this summer around East London, promising “drag mayhem” during “extra Chromosome Drag night with our royal Queens and Kings.” The enterprise is a project of the London-based Culture Device, which receives public funding from the Arts Council of England.

Like any other drag show, the performances feature song and dance by men wearing women’s dresses, garish makeup, wigs, and in some cases fake breasts. But Drag Syndrome is the first of its kind in the UK, with organizers and performers claiming the event somehow promotes acceptance of people with disabilities. 

Lol. Now I’ve seen everything.

“I think it’s new for contemporary culture to include people with learning disabilities in avant-garde culture or in high culture – or in high fashion,” LGBT activist and event organizer Daniel Vais told ITV. “It’s quite new to everyone, but from what I see – it works really well, really, really well actually.” In 2013, Vais promoted ‘To Russian LGBT – with love,’ a theater event to help “raise concern over the treatment of the LGBT community by the Russian government.”

I take that back.

Somehow tying this into Uncle Vlad’s government in Russia? Now that’s next level subversive.


Also, “Daniel Vais” eh?

Is he, dare I say it, Jewish


What do you think?

Could anyone who wasn’t Jewish come up with something like this in their worst fever dream?