I’m Old Enough to Remember When Anyone Disagreeing with David Hogg was Accused of “Attacking Children” and Got Shut Down

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2019

I’m just saying.

I do remember the days when Laura Ingraham lost sponsors for disagreeing with David Hogg.

And I remember when Twitter implemented a policy that anyone who disagreed with David Hogg was banned.

The reasoning was that David Hogg was “a child,” so none of his aggressive political rhetoric that was spammed all over the media could ever be questioned.

Rules change fast these days though, for sure.

You can forgive me, Nathan Phillips, but I won’t forgive you until you give my Uncle Jim back his goddamn scalp!

Just consider the physiognomy differences between Nick Sandmann and David Hogg though.

Imagine you’re the father of a teenage girl and then imagine her bringing home either of these boys.

I guess if she brought home Hogg, you could be sure she’d be keeping her virginity.

But David Hogg is more likely to get caught fondling a 5-year-old boy in a public restroom anyway.

I’m too tired to do some kind of serious comparison between the way the media dealt with David Hogg and the way they literally enforced it like it was some kind of law that he couldn’t be criticized, and then literally called for mob violence against Nick Sandmann.

And even after it was proven that the entire story was a hoax, they’re still attacking him.

It’s such an obvious thing, that I think to attempt to seriously address it would make me dumber.