Immigration Expert Angela Merkel Explains How Walls Don’t Work in Mexico

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2017

Angela Merkel is an intelligent empowered female who thinks walls don’t solve immigration problems.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Mexico this weekend explaining how walls can’t fix immigration problems. Apparently she’s not familiar with Israel. Their wall seems to be working pretty well.

What about the border fencing in Hungary? Or from a historical perspective the Berlin Wall?  Have these structures not prevented people going from point A to point B? As shocking as it is, it seems as if this woman is terribly misinformed!

The Hill:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit Saturday to Mexico spoke out against building walls, saying the construction of physical borders won’t fix problems with immigration.

“Obviously the main reason for people leaving must be addressed on site first, which means putting up walls and cutting oneself off will not solve the problem,” Merkel said, speaking in Mexico City.

“It’s an issue you can study well in the history of China with the (Great) Wall of China, you can study it in the history of the Roman Empire. Essentially, only when great empires have managed to forge sensible relationships with their neighbors and to manage migration has it been a success.”

Merkel added that she doesn’t think that “by simply improving the border facilities you can solve the problem.”

The problem with Merkel’s logic is that Mexico has enacted a policy of encouraging the worst of their people to invade the United States. It is difficult to enact a sensible partnership when one party is intentionally creating problems.

Walls work. There is no question about this. All sorts of drug and human trafficking continues to take place along the border. Without a wall, this will continue.

The Border Patrol has even asked for a wall to be built. I’ll take their word over some Communist hag who has willfully allowed her people to be raped and killed by hordes of monkey people.

Merkel is merely trying to score political points against Donald Trump with provocative statements about walls in Mexico. Hopefully this will give Trump additional incentive to finally get the border wall fully funded.

Earlier in the week, Trump reportedly pitched the idea of building a border wall with solar panels on it.


President Donald Trump floated putting solar panels on his planned Mexican border wall in a meeting with legislative leaders Tuesday afternoon, according to White House and Capitol Hill officials.

It was unclear why Trump brought up the topic, but he presented the panels as a way to fund the wall, which is expected to cost billions of dollars, according to three people familiar with the conversation.

He didn’t express certainty that it would happen — but that he’d heard it as a possible idea and wanted to see what others thought, said a senior official familiar with the White House meeting.

Trump has insisted that Mexico will pay for the wall’s construction — something Mexican officials have repeatedly denied — but has acknowledged that taxpayers may need to initially foot the bill before being repaid.

The idea of putting solar panels on the wall is a good one. It would theoretically put Trump in a position where he can tell the Democrats that they are against both border security and clean energy if they don’t go along with his plan.

We’ll see what happens in the coming months. I just want that damn wall built sooner rather than later.