Impeached Cat Lady Blames Brazil’s Problems on White People

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2018

You would think that Brazil would serve as a cautionary tale. But no, liberal lack of self-awareness leads to them always finding a way to blame Whitey.


Elitism and how the very rich people look down on the poor are a major problem for Brazil, the country’s former President Dilma Rousseff told Ex-Ecuador President Rafael Correa during an interview on RT.

A protégé and political successor to President Lula da Silva, Dilma Rousseff continued his policies, aimed at eradicating poverty in Brazil. Under successive governments of the left-leaning Workers’ Party, the Latin American country saw a significant improvement in living conditions for millions of people. In 2014, Brazil for the first time was cross off the UN’s World Hunger Map, after reducing the number of undernourished people by 80 percent in 10 years.

Discussing her government’s policies with Correa, Rousseff agreed that elitism is a serious problem in Brazil, causing a lot of grief and suffering for common folk. Some members of the elite see all poor people as their enemy, she said.

“In Brazil, the poor and the dark-skinned were the enemy… They were tortured, they were arrested, they were turned into a lower class, stripped of all rights. We began to change this situation,” she said. “There is still a lot to be done: we need to distribute the wealth in the country, implement tax reform [and] end the oligopoly of the media and banks that control different aspects of the country’s life.”

Rousseff’s second presidential term, however, was cut short by an impeachment over breaches of budget rules. She was replaced by Michel Temer, who has since been accused of taking bribes, has dropped to a single-digit approval rating and used heavy-handed tactics to crack down on protests against his government. Rousseff says her downfall amounted to a parliamentary coup, backed by a smear campaign in the media owned by a handful of oligarchs.

I’m pretty sure that Rousseff was corrupt as well. And a crypto-Jew.

She’s even rocking the Trotsky hairdo in a not-so-subtle dog-whistle.

Also, as a rule, all politics in multicultural, brown countries are corrupt.

Taking an even wider view of the issue, no one becomes a politician for noble reasons – they do it to enrich themselves, get political immunity, to collect bribes from companies, to feed their ego too perhaps.

It’s not that different in the US nowadays.

Politicians are terrible people, but in a healthy society, they have their uses. Usually, a grass-roots effort to change something or fight back against change appoints a slick, good-looking and totally immoral representative to send to the capital. There he shmoozes with the bugmen bureaucrats and mandarins making inroads to achieve what he was sent there by his grassroots base to do. More often than not, he cuts a deal that makes both sides happy, and perhaps enriches himself in the process a bit too.

Everyone walks away from it with something, and the Republic chugs along none the worse for wear.

Things get drastically worse when diversity is brought into the picture though.

And frankly, it was Brazil’s corrupt White elites that allowed all of this to pass. Just like in South Africa and in the US. Helped along by Jewish subversion, our White politicians cut deal after deal that condemned us to becoming the next Brazil.

I feel no solidarity with them – even if a cat lady crypto-Jew takes shots at them for being White.

Besides, we’re rapidly entering an era where people will feel the need to do away with politicians. White people will want leaders and generals instead.