Imperial Monkey President Decides to Shoot Pool and Drink Beer While America is Invaded

Daily Slave
July 10, 2014

Barack Obama – a deranged monkey who belongs in a zoo cage.

The Imperial Monkey leader himself Barack Obama has decided that his time is better spent playing pool and drinking beer in Colorado than dealing with the illegal alien invasion of America.  Apparently he also had time to talk to a guy wearing a horse head and someone even offered him some marijuana.  Clearly these are very important matters he is tending to in Colorado.

Of course, Obama has been encouraging this invasion so he probably doesn’t view any of this as a problem.  He’s probably just playing pool and drinking beer to piss everyone off.  Let’s hope that one day we’ll be successful at putting him and his wife in a zoo cage somewhere.  The blow back he could get for all of this madness will be severe when the time comes.

From National Review:

At least one Democratic congressman is “very very upset” with the idea that President Obama was shooting in Denver with Colorado governor John Hickenlooper today rather than visiting the southwestern border.

“When I saw that, it just really floored me,” said Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas, who has been quite vocal in his criticism of the administration’s handling of the issue. “If he’s saying he’s too busy to go down to the border, but you have time to drink a beer, play pool, the optics and the appearance just mean he’s not paying attention to this humanitarian crisis.”

He said people living on border communities who are upset with the president’s attitude toward the situation — the president heads to Texas later on Wednesday for a fundraiser, but won’t be visiting the border while he’s in the state.

“He’s the president — he can decide not to go — but he really should go down there,” Cuellar said.

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