Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2019

The Jewish media is presenting this situation as #AOC “owning” Sean Hannity like he is a nigger slave.

Or something.


Huffington Post:

Sean Hannity tried to slam the “radical platform” of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Monday night. But if the Fox News host was hoping to put her on the defensive, it didn’t work.

The newly minted lawmaker isn’t backing down from her agenda, even as Hannity misconstrued it. Instead, she offered a couple of corrections

I don’t think there’s anything “radical” going on here.

And I don’t think that Sean Hannity believed he was trying to put AOC on the D (I’ve got a D for AOC – if you catch my drift).

I think what happened was:

  1. Sean Hannity told his own viewers what she is promoting
  2. She corrected him to explain that she also wants to end Jewish wars and her 70% tax rate is conditional for a certain income bracket

None of this matters.

She is 29 and has only been a Congressperson for a few days. What she thinks only matters because the media pretends it matters. There are hundreds of Congressmen, and only a few of them I couldn’t name and I read this political news bullshit all day long.

Furthermore, no one who watches Sean Hannity is a supporter of Ocasio, or thinking about becoming one.

This is all just a bizarre entertainment show, where the entirety of politics has shifted to a random lantix woman saying crazy shit because I guess people think it is interesting. Or at least more interesting than the Russian hoax.

It is certainly less interesting than Ocasio’s fellow DSA brown Senator going rogue and attacking the Jews for running American politics.

And it is probably actually good to escalate the Democrat positions to an insane communist open-borders global warming agenda. This is basically the equivalent of Donald Trump deciding to appear in public only wearing an SS uniform.

And this whole polarization thing absolutely works both ways.

Basically, the only reason that Democrats have decided to make a literal communist who is literally calling for open borders their avatar is because of Donald Trump. He pushed them to it. Just so, this communist agenda is going to push the right further right.

The problem that we have that they don’t have is that we attack our own people. It is also a problem that we have Jews. It isn’t a problem that the left has Jews, because they are pushing a Jewish agenda. Jews are just thwarting the right-wing agenda and making it about wars for Israel and being against racism and other shit no one cares about.