Impulsive Porch Monkey Shoots White Man Dead Following Heated Argument

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2019

Reginald Eugene Ussery.

Avoid getting into arguments with blacks.

What they can’t settle with words (which is just about everything), they’ll settle with bullets.


A man has been arrested and charged for the death of a man in Stone Mountain.

Reginald Eugene Ussery, 40, was charged with felony murder in the death of Mark Moss December 26, 2018.

According to an arrest warrant, a verbal altercation between the suspect and the victim began at a convenience store and continued at a nearby apartment complex. Ussery is accused of shooting Moss several time with a handgun.

Authorities located Ussery February 6, 2019 at an apartment complex in Stone Mountain.

Mark Moss.