In Attempt to Gain Mainstream Acceptance, Infamous Neo-Nazi Renounces Fake Shower Rooms, Calls for Stairs of Death

Shmuley Shekelheim
Democracy Now!
August 25, 2018

In a shocking turn of events, the infamous Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin has publicly disavowed his own stated plan to “gas all kikes in fake shower rooms with the diesel fumes from a repurposed Soviet submarine engine.”

At a rally in Lagos, Nigeria, Anglin said he had never called for using the diesel fumes of a submarine engine to slowly suffocate millions of Jews after tricking them into taking a free shower, saying, “I aint neba sed I was gonta gas da Jews wif di submarine engine, is da wey fake news. Wey come see, weya, I was fucking joking.”

Anglin spoke in a mix of English and Nigerian Pidgin. The speech was attended entirely by locals who, according to Jewish reporters, appeared to mostly believe he was a disgraced American actor who plays the villain on a Nigerian soap opera, a multilevel marketing coach, both, or something else.

The infamous Neo-Nazi leader, who CNN reports has been living in Nigeria since 2015, oscillated sharply between topics, at one point vowing to transform Lagos into a futuristic city state “brutally dominated” by an army of giant robots. Parts of the speech were clearly shilling for Chinese corporations active in the large African nation who have transferred to him large amounts of gold bars in exchange for tricking locals to send their children to work in the mines.

Speech attendant John Obongu said that Anglin was “di man up top, he know da wae.” Obongu said that he did not believe he was a Chinese shill. Shown photographs of Anglin laughing as he receives a suitcase full of gold bullion at a Chinese economic forum in neighboring Uganda, Obongu said, “di man, he gon tell di word, di pepo sabi.” He added that he was not fearful of Anglin’s aggressive push to see Nigerians enslaved to Tencent’s sentient AI.

Anglin’s 180 on diesel-powered death rooms for “every last kike” appears to come as he prepares to return to Twitter, following racist US President Donald Trump’s vow to give amnesty to virulent trolls on social media.

“He believes he can take his virulent message of genocide mainstream if he backs away from certain distasteful language,” said Richard Cohen, an impartial Jewish expert on anti-Semitism who runs the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is currently suing Anglin for millions of dollars, alleging he made mean jokes about Jews on the internet.

However, Anglin is not backing away from genocide completely. During the confusing, meandering speech, he also vowed to “bring back the Stairs of Death, gi mi sabi.”

The infamous Stairs of Death were a Nazi method of killing Jews. The Germans would force Jews to carry boulders up a staircase until all their bones broke and they died.

As Konnilyn G. Feig writes on page 121 of Hitler’s Death Camps: The Sanity of Madness:

Prisoners were forced to climb the 186 steps of the Wiener Graben with large blocks of granite on their backs. Often the blocks would fall, crushing limbs and bodies of those following, sometimes killing. The SS guards invented competitions betting on which prisoner would make it to the top first. Those surviving the ordeal would then be forced to jump from the edge of the quarry to their death below. This particular spot at the edge of the quarry was known “The Parachute Jump”.“…in 1944 ….The SS led fourty-seven Dutch, American, and English officers and flyers, barefooted, to the bottom. On their first journey up the 186 steps they forced the men to carry twenty-five kilogram stones on their backs. On each successive journey they increased the weight of the load. If a prisoner fell, he was beaten. All fourty-seven died of the treatment”.

Anglin stated that using this method of exterminating the Jews would be “more efficient and funnier, listen well well” than choking Jews to death with diesel fumes, which would take “hours and hours” and “bore the spectator, sabi am.”

The Nazis themselves figured out that diesel fumes were not efficient at killing Jews in gas chambers only after they had used diesel fumes to murder nearly a million innocent people.

As serious Jewish historian Leon Poliakov quotes Holocaust survivor Kurt Gerstein as describing in a realistic manner in Harvest of Hate: The Nazi Program for the Destruction of the Jews of Europe:

SS men pushed the men into the chambers. “Fill it up,” Wirth ordered, 700-800 people in 93 square meters. The doors closed. Then I understood the reason for the “Heckenholt” sign. Heckenholt was the driver of the Diesel, whose exhaust was to kill these poor unfortunates. SS Unterscharführer Heckenholt tried to start the motor. It wouldn’t start! Captain Wirth came up. You could see he was afraid because I was there to see the disaster. Yes, I saw everything and waited. My stopwatch clocked it all: 50 minutes, 70 minutes, and the Diesel still would not start! The men were waiting in the gas chambers. You could hear them weeping “as though in a synagogue,” said Professor Pfannenstiel, his eyes glued to the window in the wooden door. Captain Wirth, furious, struck with his whip the Ukrainian who helped Heckenholt – The Diesel started up after 2 hours and 49 minutes, by my stopwatch. Twenty-five minutes passed. You could see through the window that many were already dead, for an electric light illuminated the interior of the room. All were dead after thirty-two minutes! Jewish workers on the other side opened the wooden doors. They had been promised their lives in return for doing this horrible work, plus a small percentage of the money and valuables collected. The men were still standing, like columns of stone, with no room to fall or lean. Even in death you could tell the families, all holding hands. It was difficult to separate them while emptying the room for the next batch. The bodies were tossed out, blue, wet with sweat and urine, the legs smeared with excrement and menstrual blood.

The German megamurderers ultimately switched to using Zyklon B, an insecticide, to gas Jews.

Anglin has also claimed he has no plan to use Zyklon B on Jews, despite the fact, as the SPLC notes, he attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a Chinese Zyklon B factory in Lagos, where he reportedly stated that he was “proud to open up the first Nigerian Jew-spray factory.”

He later stated alternately that he was joking and that he never said that, saying that the chemical agent would only be used to delouse the clothing of Nigerian children returning from Chinese mines which, he claimed, “are ridden with parasites,” adding that “abeg, you no dey hear word, the last thing these niglets need is more parasites, mi sabi.”