In Australia, Government Rules It is Officially Not OK to be White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2018

No it ain’t, ya cunt. 

It is a competitive race across the white world for who can be the cuckiest, most self-hating nation on earth.

Over the last five years that the Daily Stormer has been reporting on this issue, you have more or less had a neck-in-neck competition between Sweden and the UK.

For instance, after a Swedish woman made a scene on a plane to free an Afghani migrant from deportation, forcing the plane to stop, the British responded by doing the same thing – only for a convicted gang-rapist.

Germany made a brief appearance on the scene in 2015, when they decided to march millions of terrorist gang-rapists into their country to live on welfare. However, the people eventually got really angry, and Mama Merkel was forced to back off – Germany is still significantly more white than Sweden or the UK.

Yet another challenger has appeared.

Australia has just become the first country to officially declare that it is not OK to be white.

No joke, m8.

The Guardian:

The Australian Senate has narrowly voted down a motion condemning “anti-white racism”, despite government senators voting for the controversial statement echoing alt-right rhetoric.

On Monday the Senate voted 31 to 28 to reject a motion put by Pauline Hanson – the leader of the anti-immigrant nativist One Nation party – which acknowledged the “deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation” and “it is OK to be white”.

So, just to be clear: the rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilization are NOT deplorable and it is NOT OK to be white.

Are you starting to understand NPC theory better now?

The question on everyone’s mind is: how will Sweden and the UK respond to this challenge?

Will the Swedish government pass a resolution that says “white people deserve to die”?

Will the UK then follow up with a parliamentary motion saying that “white people deserve to be brutally tortured before they are murdered”?

The next step after that will obviously have to be actually killing people for being white.

Strange days, kids.

Strange days.