In Wake of Shooting, Israeli Jew Called for More Abortion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2018

Following the Florida shooting, an Israeli Jew blue checker on Twitter called for more abortion.

I assume her response would be different now that it has come out that the shooter was a Jew.

Just for the record, Israel has basically the most restrictive abortion laws of any developed country on the planet (unless you consider Poland and Ireland “developed countries”).

Just like with everything else, Jews have very different standards for themselves than they have for us.

One would wonder now: in light of the revelation that the shooter is a Jew, would the above tweet be considered anti-Semitic?

In fact, I am wondering if any criticism of the shooter may now be considered anti-Semitic – or at least borderline. After all, we must assume that the only reason he did this is because his entire family was turned into furniture and cleaning products by Adolf Hitler.