India is Losing Its War on Open Defecation

Daily Slave
August 31, 2015

Indians like Washington Post propagandist Ishaan Tharoor have an affinity for defecating in the open. Tharoor has been reprimanded by Washington Post’s Human Resources department on several occasions for publicly defecating outside their office building.

India is a screwed up country.  Half of Indians don’t use toilets and defecate out in the open.  Many of them actually prefer this method of relieving themselves instead of using toilets.  In fact, it is clear that India as a whole is losing the war on open defecation.

Why would we want people like this to come to our countries when they can’t even figure out how to get their own people to use toilets?  It just shows that their societies are primitive relative to what you see in countries built by White Europeans.  This is just a fact.


Using a toilet is something most people take for granted – but about 1.1 billion people around the world defecate in the open because they do not have access to proper sanitation. Now a scheme in India is aiming to instil better toilet habits in children by “paying them to poo”.

Open defecation is a practice where people relieve themselves in fields, bushes, open spaces and into open bodies of water.

It poses a serious threat to the health of children. Hundreds of thousands of children die every year because of diseases transmitted through human waste.

In India, nearly half of the population – more than 590m people – relieve themselves in the open.

For many it’s a daily ritual and often something they do even when public facilities are available.

Now a state council in the Gujarati city of Ahmedabad has come up with a scheme where children are being paid to use public toilets. Campaigners hope it will improve the situation in a country where diseases such as diarrhoea kill about 200,000 children every year.

The Washington Post is also losing its war on open deification, as their editor Ishaan Tharoor has continually refused to poop inside, instead opting to poop on the street in front of the paper’s offices. Neighbors have complained, and Tharoor was cited; however, he claims he won’t pay the ticket, as pooping on the street is a part of his unique cultural heritage.

With extra reporting by Andrew Anglin


  1. Is that a picture of him or the turd?

  2. Because of the behemoth population of India you are statistically bound to get some very high IQ darkies, who when you see or hear them on tv one assumes a lot of Indians must be smart like them. The fact is about 99% of the subcontinent population are dumber than dogshit and the smarter ones should not be brain drained to the west.

  3. Antonius Galliard

    You’re too funny, Andrew

  4. Is this… TRUE?! I just thought Anglin was being an ass on Twitter.

  5. Original Not See

    I must admit I had a lot of respect for East Indians until I read how this faggot Ishaan Tharoor insulted White Nationalists, calling us detritus while ensconcing himself in OUR COUNTRY AS A FUCKING GUEST and basking in all the benefits that his residency here entails.

    Now I’m beginning to wonder if Indians aren’t just the niggers’ second cousins. I always ranked Hindus rather high on the list of races. Sure, there’s a lot of squalor in Bharatavarsha, but Indians (until now) have always impressed me with their civility, their love of learning, their spiritual independence, and not involving themselves in our countries’ politics. I have marveled at the sublimity of the Upanishads and the Puranas. I’ve read the Rig Veda cover to cover. But after reading what this man said about us, I’m starting to reassess my opinion of these people. What kind of guest repays his host by slapping him in the face, insulting him, and then claiming his host’s residence as his own? That is the pinnacle of ingratitude and disrespect, the epitome of a bad guest and an ingrate.

    • Brother, I must point out that the achievements of these ‘indians’ were actually Aryan achievements. The only reason people still consider Aryan greatness as part of the inferior indian culture is because of ignorance regarding the reality of race.

      • Original Not See

        Though that may be true, I still had a lot more respect for Hindus than I have for niggers (A LOT more) because of the other things I mentioned. Just about every Hindu I’ve met has been civil and hasn’t tried to involve himself in our countries’ affairs, and I respected that. I guess I was naive to believe this wasn’t just a ruse for them to disarm us with their politeness while building their numbers up to a sufficient level where they can assume a more domineering attitude toward us. If Tharoors behavior is any indication, it now appears that Indians are beginning to assume that their rights as immigrants preempt the rights of us, the native people, whose ancestors built this country, whose ancestors died in numerous wars to secure our way of life, our freedom and prosperity, only to have an ungrateful, insolent invaders like Tharoor come to our shores and commandeer our nation and demand that we rearrange our lives, and our children’s lives, to accommodate them. And then when we protest, they demean and denigrate us. US THE NATIVE PEOPLE! This degree of insolence and ingratitude is absolutely shocking. Is this the price we pay for letting these people into our countries?

        • well, I am not surprised by their indecency. We are talking about people who have literally no shame, they shit in the streets and sentence their own women to be raped. As far as I am concerned, if it isn’t white, it isn’t right.

    • Yes they are. They worship cows too just like their nigger cousins and use cow dung widely in their daily lives. I think the Indians are actually the 2nd largest population in South Africa if not in the entire continent.

  6. We really shouldn’t even bother ourselves with interacting with these subhumans. they are so far beneath us that it is utterly ludicrous and completely insane to even consider that these animals are some how equal to us Aryans.

  7. Andrew, could please post more pictures of the life along the Ganges River.
    Where those Aghori tribe holy priests called sandhus eat dead human corpse((necrophagia).

    Certainly not for the faint hearts…Warning before watching this.


    Do you see this? Ohhhh Hellll Naaaa

    Did he just made him go against his own religion?

  9. I love how Ishmutt or whatever claimed that neo nazis were cave dwellers while his own people primitively shit everywhere to the extent that disease kills millions.

  10. Indians also don’t have respect for any place, i saw one Indian spitting outside a church while people were passing. I mean how dare the filthy asshole disrespect a church like that..

  11. There’s always wishful thinking – in 15 years white people will be the servants in India…..

    Seriously, though, I can understand poor, not having the infrastructure, etc. but what does it take to dig a hole and put an outhouse over it? The funny part is the shanty towns where people live in shacks. Yes, inside, they have electricity and internet (through illegally strung wires & cables), the inhabitants dress well, but no running water or sewer. They go to an open area, train tracks or street to dump a load.

  12. ishaan-tha-pooper tweeted everything Korean was better than the American version. I thanked him for his brown patronage of USA. I pointed out the Korean toilet Museum and asked if he would consider relocating to Korea to teach them advanced open defecation techniques.

    He blocked me. How am I to obtain his dusky pearls of wisdom now?

  13. I’m beginning to think that deporting all gypsies back to India will actually be a good thing for India, a kind of cultural enrichment – the gypsies have at least learned a few things in Europe, like how to build a primitive latrine…

    If you travel to India avoid being stared at in disgust by not eating with your left hand – indian etiquette dictates that the butt should be wiped with the left hand (no, there isn’t any toilet paper in India except in rich/important places, but they do provide rags, water and sometimes soap).

    • my brother has been eating with his left hand for some time now, and he hasn’t been called satan. And we get toilet paper in India, when I visited three years ago. You should mention this is among the poorer indians.

      • It is known that Indians and Muslims have these culture taboo of not allowing their left hands to touch food and when wiping their ass it must only be done with their left hand.

        Their culture promotes eating with hands. If you’ve ever saw one, you will notice that they never pick up any food with their left hand, always the right unless there’s some reason that can’t be helped.

        • Not everywhere, if you have lived in cities and modern society, those taboos have disappeared. I have visited India and lived in Kuwait, i can eat with my left hand and have access to toilet paper.

          There is a big difference between the poorer sections of society and the well educated middle class.

          • Both the poor and middle classes of these turds share the same culture. It’s nothing about education. You can go to their high end Tandoori restaurants and still see their rich picking rice from their plates.

            The worst thing is these 3rd world people try to enrich and diversify other people’s culture.If they were so good, why don’t they just develop their own lands and countries making themselves a role model to the world for adoration?

          • share the same culture, but usually not the same ideals. Alright, I get it you have experience.

            Because they are lazy, corrupt, hate other Indians and look out for themselves. And yes, the idiot should be asking why the Indian government is not encouraging immigration into its own country.

  14. Flawless Non-White Humanoid logic – Let us invade White countries and kill White people so that we may live like them for about 100-200 years before everything they had stops working and collapses.

    Natural White logic – Let us build your fucking society and give you guidance by a ruling elite so that you may live like fucking humans. We won’t touch you, won’t intermingle with your daily life – we shall just make sure that everything runs smoothly.

    Frankly, I’d have no problem building a working infrastructure in Africa or India – but there won’t be anyone left to build it for them once they wipe us out. It is as if there was ONE single miraculous flower/plant growing on this planet that cures all sicknesses and makes you live for 400 years; and you destroy that plant.

    But idiots gotta do what idiots do.

    • 100-200 years of functioning post-White societies is a bit generous. I mean, just look at Detroit.

      • True, I was too generous ^^

        However, this is also why in all White countries you have Agenda 21 applied with the non-stop mantra of creating a “self-sustaining urban environment” – so that once Whites are dead and gone, the semi-retarded people after us can live in these self-robotic-running cities without having to worry about a thing.

        Only a major natural catastrophe would eventually ruin their plan.

  15. Equestria SS Commander

    Nice one Andre! Lol
    This latest liberation requires new hashtags: #EndToiletSupremacy #StopDefecationDiscrimination #RageAgainstTheLatrine #illcrapwithyou

  16. Read an article once where the government came to a village and installed toilets in their homes and one woman said “WTF? Why would we shit where we sleep and eat? GTFO! I’ll shit outside yo!” which kinda makes sense when you think about it. Brb taking a shit on my neighbour’s lawn… or is that cultural appropriation? I don’t even know anymore.

    • I have also been told by Indian people that they think it is gross or wrong to defecate and urinate in your house, even if it is in a designated bathroom in the house. Okay, I can understand this reasoning, however wouldn’t it make sense then to build a private bathroom that is attached but secluded from the rest of the house. This way you can go to the bathroom in a private manner and utilize modern sewage systems.

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