Indian Man Worships Donald Trump as God Emperor

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2018

Who says memes don’t come true? An Indian man named Bussa Krishna has been worshiping Donald Trump as a literal god emperor for the past three years!

Remember all the Donald Trump god emperor memes from the 2016 presidential election? An Indian man appears to have taken them literally.

The Independent:

One man has taken his devotion to President Donald Trump to a whole new level – and the best thing is, he not even an American and lives 8,100 miles away in India. The Indian man Bussa Krishna has spent the past three years worshiping Trump as a God, carrying around a picture of the President and praying to him several times a day.

31-year-old Bussa, a farmer from a remote Konne village in Telangana’s Jangaon district in India, worships Trump every day as part of his prayer rituals. Placed along with other gods in his worship room, Bussa puts vermillion in his own blood for the President’s photograph and worships him flowers and fire offerings.

Bussa started to worship Trump after two Indian men were killed by a US Navy veteran in an act of hate crime in February last year. The veteran later pleaded guilty to the charges of murder and attempted murder, and was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility for parole for the murders.

Trump ascended the Presidency of the USA about a month before the unfortunate incident and had pledged to “make America great again”. Bussa started worshiping Trump hoping that someday his prayers would reach the President and that he would protect Indians who are in the USA, helping Trump to “make America great again”.

Bussa does not know much about Trump and thinks Trump is a very strong person because he has participated in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) competitions in the past. He said that he is highly impressed with the President’s strong persona and the “boldness with which he takes his decisions”.

I agree with Bussa. I was very impressed with Donald Trump when he took down Vince McMahon in the “Battle of the Billionaires” match at Wrestlemania 23.

I mean shit, Vince has always been one ripped dude and Trump took him down like it was nothing. Just look at these guns on Vince. I suppose only a god emperor could ever take down a man with biceps like that!

So based on Trump’s tremendous Wrestlemania performance, I can absolutely see why Bussa has chosen to worship Trump as a literal god emperor.

The fact of the matter is that brown people respect strong White alpha male leaders. It is why this man is honoring and respecting Trump in this manner.

It’s the same reason why Indians have created an Adolf Hitler themed ice cream cone.

As strong White males like Trump and others assert their dominance on the world stage, the rest of the world will fall into line with them. It is the natural order of things. White males are meant to lead and shape the destiny of the world. What we have seen during the post World War II era has been an anomaly that is only beginning to correct itself.