Indiana Negroid Stabs Coalburning Girlfriend to Death

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2018

Kyle Washington.

Barricaded doors, kitty litter everywhere, a router in the shower, strangulation with a cord, stabbings…

You can imagine Yakety Sax playing in the background while this happened.

Chicago Tribune:

The boyfriend of a woman found stabbed last month in her Gary home has been charged in her death.

Kyle Washington, 37, was charged in Lake Superior Court with the murder of Mary Rawson, 34, court records show.

Washington was arrested last month in Dallas and extradited back to Lake County, court records show. His case was made public in court records this week.

Rawson’s mother requested a welfare check Oct. 16 after hearing that her daughter had possibly been killed, a probable cause affidavit states.

Police arrived in the 300 block of Tyler Street and noticed lights on in the house with the back screen door open, the affidavit states. A small dog had been running in the yard for a few days, which neighbors said was unusual, according to the affidavit.

Rawson’s mother brought a key to the house, and when officers tried to go in the front door, it “appeared to be barricaded from the inside,” the affidavit states. Police got in through the back door and saw a white towel with “a red stain on it” near the front door which was barricaded with a piece of wood, according to the affidavit.

Officers found Rawson in a bedroom with “multiple stab wounds” and “a white cord wrapped tightly around her neck,” the affidavit states. A kitty litter box “was dumped all over the room and on Mary Rawson,” according to the affidavit, and her pockets were turned inside out.

Officers also found a shower running upstairs with a computer internet router in it, the affidavit states.

Washington and Rawson lived together at the home on Tyler Street, and he “had made several death threats to her and was physically abusive to her,” Rawson’s sister told investigators in court records.

Mary Rawson.