Indonesia: Mob Revenge-Kills 300 Crocodiles After Villager Dies Looking for Vegetables in Their Breeding Grounds

Daily Stormer
July 17, 2018

I have to say, I was really really shocked when I read this.

Not only was I shocked that someone with a mulatto-tier IQ couldn’t figure out a way to pick vegetables in a place full of crocodiles without getting himself eaten, but also because professor Shlomo has made millions of studies proving that all non-Whites live in perfect harmony with nature – always have and always will.

How are we supposed to make sense of reality if the damn thing keeps contradicting what the Jews say?


A mob of villagers has killed nearly 300 crocodiles at a sanctuary for the animals in the Indonesian province of West Papua.

The slaughter was in retaliation for a local man thought to have been killed by one animal from the site.

PLOT TWIST: The croc that actually killed him got away.

If not even Luffy could catch this guy, what chance do some illiterate brown peasants stand?

Officials and police said they were not able to stop the attack and may now press charges.

The killing of a protected species is a crime that carries a fine or imprisonment in Indonesia.

The local villager was killed on Friday morning while gathering vegetables on the crocodile farm’s breeding sanctuary.

I remember a while ago some (((people))) were telling me to think of how many children die in the third world, and to think of how many Beethovens and Newtons and Galileos and stuff we might be missing out on because of that…

I wonder why they stopped pushing that angle.

After the funeral on Saturday, several hundred angry locals went to the sanctuary, armed with knives, shovels, hammers and clubs.

Local media cite officials saying the mob first attacked the office of the crocodile farm and then went on to slaughter all 292 reptiles at the sanctuary.

The farm was operating on a licence to breed protected saltwater and New Guinea crocodiles both for preservation and to harvest some of the animals.

I think there are two lessons we can learn from this particular.

Lesson 1:

Long ago, non-Whites used to live in perfect harmony with nature and with each other.

But then, Whitey came along with his Crusades and Holocausts and Capitalism and all the other evil stuff that he does, and he just fucked up everything for no reason.

And these brown people just never recovered from Whitey’s wickedness.

Racists see a dog being cooked alive with a blowtorch. I see a result of the Crusades.

So it’s important that White people understand that when these types of things happen, it’s their fault.

Lesson 2:

When you go out foraging for vegetables, don’t do it in a place where are there crocodiles.

I mean like, seriously, don’t.



It’s a bad idea, trust me.

Don’t end up like this