Infowars Fights the Tyranny of Apes in Dallas!

Daily Stormer
July 23, 2017

When dirty niggers try to take this man’s freedoms, it’s 1776 all over again!

Everyone knows that Alex Jones is 50% Thomas Jefferson, 50% Tasmanian Devil, and 1000% WOKE! For the arithmetically challenged, that’s 1100% and I don’t think any of you are 1100%. I know I’m not 1100% anything.

Therefore, you’d best be careful when you try to mess with the freedoms of this dynamo of patriotism and penis juice, and that also goes for the vacuous, dumb bitches that he sends out with a camera crew for reasons no one quite understands.

Oh, I get it now. It’s the juggs. Alex has learned that the best way to tell a good female journalist is by her juggs!

I concur.

See what I mean? Alex has very high standards for female journos – and their juggs!

When you’re as WOKE as Alex, you are always beset from all sides by purveyors of globalist tyranny. These tyrants are known by many names: The Bavarian Illuminati, or, a Germanic Death Cult. Sometimes it’s the Arabs who run Hollywood, but it is never the Jews – this should be perfectly clear.

But now, Alex has a new enemy that is far more powerful than any of his traditional nemeses, and no amount of Super Male Vitality or fluoride-free drinking water will stop them.

I speak of one of the deadliest of enemies ever to face mankind: Niggers with government jobs!

Full Disclosure: The first anti-liberty, anti-Alex tyrant was a decrepit old beaner, but let’s be real – the difference between the average mestizo and your run of the mill pavement ape is small and mostly superficial.

This brown bandido with a badge (security guard) approaches this dangerous looking crowd consisting of a blonde cutie, an obese conservative lady, and her teenage son, already on his walkie talkie calling for backup.He is joined by an very obese Negro with boobs that would make a SSBBW jealous, and is shortly joined by a hilariously retarded “Negress-in-Charge.”

We be in charge up in hurr ya crackah beeyatch!

I have written about the problem of having virtually all your law enforcement and government positions being held by these lesser species, and this video just goes to show you that the problem has not gotten any better.

These morons work full time in positions that require them to know what little part of the law that is applicable to public parks and spaces, and they have no idea how any of it works.

I sho’ nuff beez here ta proteck yo constitushums an’ sheeit!

These morons just make things up as they go along. First, they claim that a city park is “private property.” This is a fairly common mistake, for extremely stupid people. Then they claim the sidewalk itself is private property, because, in their words, “diss be wurr we rents out space fo’ da food trucks an’ sheeit!”

Unfortunately, they seemed to be puzzled by the Infowars press pass, so we never got to see the hilarious conclusion when a bunch of crotch-grabbing, foot-shuffling, muhdikking groid cops show up and begin expounding on the history of free speech like they’re each the reincarnation of Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Come on, you know that’s what would have happened!