Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson Goes Full-Nazi

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2015

It has finally happened. Paul Joseph Watson, the second in command of Alex Jones, has gone full-Nazi on the Black problem.

In the above video, he lists off the actual real life statistics that we Nazis continue to spam everywhere with regards to the ridiculously violent nature of Blacks.

The relevance of this cannot be overstated. The official line of Alex Jones has, for decades, been that Blacks and other minorities are victims of a global German Nazi conspiracy. During the Ferguson riots, he actively encouraged a Black revolution, portraying looters as freedom fighters standing against the evil cops, and took it upon himself to egg on the violent “protesters.” Many were led to believe that the Fat Man believed that if he could start a Helter Skelter, the Blacks would make him their leader.

The video by Watson is a complete reversal of the Jones position, leading many to wonder what is going on. Has Jones realized that people are no longer buying his anti-racism pro-Negro riot gibberish, and ordered Watson to tell the truth about the Black menace? Or has Watson gone rouge, and taken it upon himself to inform the people about the dark threat coming against them?

The answer is yet to be seen, but be seen it shall be.

PJW has described Jones as "a big guy for you."
PJW has described Jones as “a big guy for you.”

My feeling is that Watson is testing the waters, seeing how Jones will respond to him giving the straight facts.

Jones has a history of firing people who question him, and even though Watson has been with Jonestown for more than a decade, he will not hesitate to drop him if he gets in the way of his master plan.

One obvious problem with the video is that Watson refers to the media as “White media,” something which surely comes across as ridiculous even to non-Nazis. Everyone is aware that Jews own the media, and Watson is surely aware of it. Of course, Jews can never be questioned in Jonestown, as Jones has a Jew wife, Jew kids and all Jewish sponsors and affiliates. Watson seems to twitch a bit when he says “White media,” indicating that he is fed-up with being ordered to lie to the people.

Tell me about Jews!
Tell me about Jews!

Jones may well have a mutiny on his hands. We wait with bated breath. A Watson ship-jumping would be a massive coup for the internet race-realist and Jew-wise community, and I want to state plainly that I would welcome him with open arms if he made the decision to follow his conscience and join the real truth movement.

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