Inspiring Video Shows Chinese Military Full of Efficient Chinese Men Doing War Stuff in an Efficient Manner

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2019

If that were a video game trailer, I’d want to play the game.

Come to think of it, the Chinese should make a “China Total War” video game where players command great, efficient Chinese armies to conquer the galaxy.

There’s a market for it. It’s been a while since we had any real conquering done in the West and nowadays it’s hard to believe that an army of trannies, Mexicans and women would be able to fight anyone.

An army of Chinese, on the other hand… not hard to picture them conquering.

Daily Mail:

A propaganda video released by China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) has given the public a sneak peek into the classified command centre of the country’s missile troop.

A group of soldiers are seen discussing strategies, making phone calls and typing on computer keyboards at the top-secret military office.

The never-before-seen scenes were publicised by PLA’s mighty Rocket Force one day after the PLA posted a dramatic video to warn protesters in Hong Kong.

The two-minute clip was posted by the Rocket Force onto its official account on China’s Twitter-like Weibo in a show of military might.

It was produced to celebrate the 92th anniversary of the founding of the PLA on August 1.

The footage also shows soldiers launching various Dongfeng missiles during military exercises. China claims to own around 2,500 ballistic missiles.

Multiple warheads are seen soaring into the skies and blowing up targets in deserts.

According to Global People magazine, the Dongfeng missiles are the first series of missiles completely built by the Chinese people and is the country’s main weapon for national defence.

One of the missiles is Dongfeng-41, or DF-41, which is said to have the longest range of any ballistic rockets in the world, and could reach London or the United States with nuclear warheads.

The Rocket Force was founded on January 1, 2016. It was renamed from the former Second Artillery Corps in the two-million-strong PLA.

Commanders at the troop have claimed that their soldiers are ‘ready to strike any targets at any time’ under Beijing’s order.

Li Zhenglian, a brigade commander of the Rocket Force, told China Central Television Station in a previous interview: ‘As long as there is an order, I am ready to bring out [soldiers] at any time, I can fire [missiles] at any time and I can strike [targets] accurately.’

“The Rocket Force” is a great name.

I believe brigade commander Li Zhenglian’s words.

They look disciplined and prepared.



Why can’t we have an army of white men?

Why do we have to give weapons to apes that hate us and trust they’ll fight for us?

China has even made an informative short video explaining why people need to be able to defend themselves and that the world shouldn’t be afraid of Chinese people having the means to defend themselves because they wouldn’t attack unless provoked.

From the video above:

What would happen if tigers had no fangs and lions had no paws?

They probably ended up with no food, or even killed.

That’s why living creatures need defenses.

Hard to argue against that wisdom. The Chinese army fights for the Chinese.

We need defenses too.

We need an army of white men.

Instead, we currently have an army of blacks and browns and women and trannies.

Ask yourself:

Are they fighting FOR YOU?