International Jews Court Spics to Ensure Eternal Subversion of American Goyim

Daily Stormer
March 22, 2017

¡Mazel tov, pendejos!

These Jews, man. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, they outdo themselves, every single time.

It would appear that International Jewry views it’s support of White Genocide via Open Borders for every White country as having been so successful, that they fear future support for the international criminal organization known as Israel may suffer as a result. After all, it has always been the White evangelical goyim who have been America’s chief gentile support base for Israel and World Jewry, as well as functioning as their bottomless piggy bank (is that even kosher?). The kikes are afraid, with good reason, that when the country is majority non-White, support for Israel will dry up and blow away.

This is no revelation to those of us who prefer to be realists when it comes to racial issues, as we know that our non-Whites (excluding some Asians) are the most selfish and infantile people on the planet. These people expect to be paid for, not to pay for others. This is a problem for the Jews, albeit one they created.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The greedy kikes at Haaretz have this story behind a Jew paywall, so I will link the archive of the story, so as to counter-subvert the Jews by denying them shekels.


It was perhaps the unlikeliest setting in which the Chabad anthem “Moshiach, Moshiach” has ever been heard. An eight-piece band and backup singers, accompanied by three ritual dancers, performed the song with a hint of a salsa beat at the King Jesus International Ministries Church in Queens.

It was the recent Night to Celebrate Israel at the Hispanic evangelical church, which sits on a hard-luck stretch of Astoria across from an automotive repair place and down the block from a “gentlemen’s club.”

But for all the quotidian disrepair outside the church’s doors, inside the spirit was high and the energy even higher. Blue and purple lights splashed color onto the walls of the large hall, while church guards whispered into earpieces and Israeli plainclothes guards stood near Dani Dayan, Israel’s consul general in New York.

“I come as a Latin brother,” said Dayan, who was born in Argentina and spoke entirely in Spanish, his words translated into English by an interpreter. Dayan, who has publicly described himself as nonreligious, spoke his hosts’ language in more ways than one, threading his speech with references to the prophets.

Typical Jewing there. As anyone who has ever dealt with these Christ-killers knows, the Jews have zero compunctions when it comes to using your religion to get you to do what they want. That’s where nonsense terms like “Judeo-Christian” came from, as well as a host of other Satanic corruptions of our religious life.

Also, we have the perfect example here of why they are rightfully referred to as International Elements. They will claim to be whatever race/ethnicity suits them when they need to camouflage their genocidal tendencies, but when they’re speaking among themselves they never claim to be White, as in the case of Tim Wise and his ilk, or to be Hispanic, as Dani Dayan does here. He is a walking case study: He is a Jew claiming to be a beaner in the company of other beaners, and an admitted atheist who references biblical figures to bolster his shilling to a bunch of brown evangelicals.

Evangelicucks, who are you gonna believe – your Savior, or a bunch of atheist Jews?

It’s enough to make a person call for the construction of camps with fake shower rooms.

When Dayan is home in the West Bank settlement Ma’aleh Shomron and looks out over nearby vineyards, “I know it’s the realization of the prophecy of Jeremiah,” he told the crowd. Dayan is a former chairman and representative to foreign governments of the Yesha Council of settlements.
“Every day we realize the prophecies of the prophets of Israel. Unfortunately, in universities and other places, there are those who want to interfere with God’s decree. But I have no doubt who will prevail,” he said to “amens” and applause. The Celebrate Israel night was part of the government’s campaign to build relationships with the American Hispanic community. It is, Dayan told Haaretz, “my number one non-Jewish priority in my mission here.”

That’s right gentiles, according to an atheist Jew, God commands you to worship Jews forever. And part of worshiping Jews is giving them all your cash and sending your young people to the Middle East to die in perpetual wars that benefit no one but Israel.

This Dani Dayan is on Twitter. Perhaps you have something to tell him about using our religion for his ends, or just give him some general feedback.

Somehow, Evangelical Christians have been tolerating this for a century, at least, and no pogroms. How this has happened is an indictment of the Evangelical movement as a whole.

If your pastor doesn’t denounce Jews, he is a Satanist, tbf.

You’ve got to hand it to them though, they do think ahead. That’s why I always say the Jews purposely push our being mindless consumerists shouting “YOLO” to the world, thinking only of today. The Jews have a multi-generational regime of subversion. It’s all outlined in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Back to the story:

Dayan and his government aren’t alone in working to cultivate those relationships. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations was a cosponsor of Israel Night, and centrist U.S. Jewish organizations have been increasing their work among Latinos.

The shared goal? To create friends and allies for Israel and build mutually supportive relationships in the United States.

“Latinos are the fastest-growing community in this country, and in 2060 … more than 30 percent of the American electorate will be Latino,” Dayan said. “Israel will not be able to maintain the level of support it has in American society if it neglects a third of society.”

AYO, hol’ up there Jews. Don’t go counting your destroyed nations before they’re wrecked. Whether they know you are more culpable than anyone else when it comes to the browning of our countries, the American people have seen what is occurring, and have responded in kind by electing for themselves a Glorious Leader, who has been tasked with eliminating the societal pathogens you have been furiously injecting into the USA, and to repair the damage done. This will be ugly, but it will be accomplished, and any damage to the lives of the non-Whites you have foisted upon us is squarely your responsibility. These people have no real agency of their own, and you have been using them as cannon fodder in the culture war all this time, so no one is going to care when you cry about the poor greaseballs and their separated families and uncomfortable deportations.

You want to inform the world that it’s a done deal that by 2060 Whites will be a tiny minority in America, and Latinos will be 30% of the population? Well, it looks to me as though it is equally likely that by 2060 this will once again be a White country, and we will be well into a utopian Thousand Year American Reich!

This is the last thing the Jews want, therefore, it is our responsibility to give it to them.

So keep printing your feel-good stories about your alliances with every group on Earth that hates us. In the age of the interwebs, you cannot say one thing to the world and another thing among yourselves without goyim-knowing going off the charts.

You are creating an entire generation of American Oven Men, and for this, we thank you!