Internet Crackdown! Russian Authorities Punish Purveyors of Bad Memes

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2018

There are so many shit memes out there. Really, just low-effort total shite.

The good memes aren’t able to rise to the top, lost in static. Cue Kojima.

Thankfully, the Kremlin is working hard to up the meme quality in Russia by arresting purveyors of bad memes.

Radio Liberty:

Russia has already convicted a blogger for mocking Christianity with Pokemon Go. Now a Russian student is facing potential prison time for a meme likening Jesus Christ to a character in the massively popular television show Game Of Thrones.

Daniil Markin, a 19-year-old film student in the Siberian city of Barnaul, is facing up to five years in prison after being charged with inciting hate speech over several images lampooning Christianity on his account with the Russian social-networking site VKontakte.


Russia really is opposite world. In Europe, you’d probably get a knock on the door for posting Deus Vult memes. In the UK or Germany at least.

Meanwhile, in Russia, they’re cracking down on edgy fedora-tier atheists, top fucking kek.

The offending memes (there was also one of Jesus getting high off a bong that’s mentioned, but I didn’t find it, I think the lying media didn’t include the more egregious examples):

Honesty, part of me wants to take the side of the kid who got arrested. He’s young and being an atheist mocking Christianity is the shit when you’re that age.

But on the other hand, it’s pretty lulzy.

He could have been nailed to a cross if he lived in another time, so in the end, didn’t he get off easily?

You better run, heretic! 

And to be completely honest, I’m tired of these smarmy little shits mocking the faith that our ancestors were willing to die for.

You can critique modern Christianity for being too soft. I’m down for that. You can shit on the Pope, on the clergy – I do that all the time. My last several articles on the matter have called them all pedos, so you can’t say that I’m a blind defender of the Church or whatever.

But I’ve had enough of liberals and normies shitting on Christianity. And I’ve had more than enough of Christians just taking it and turning the other cheek.

You don’t get to do that anymore. 

Shame the kid had to be arrested.

I would have flogged his parents in the town square with cossack whips, personally. But hey. It’s a start.


Get this, some absolute skank got shut down too. For Hate Speech violations! 

Here she is, the ugly dumb whore.

Notice the “resistance” status line?

And here are the memes that she posted.


I would literally arrest her for having such shit taste in memes. It’s just a picture with some deeply unfunny white text superimposed on it, like some shit you’d find on 9gag.

People that make and post these should get a death penalty tbh.


It’s like Russia took the Orwellian shit from the West and then twisted it to use against people who criticize Christianity. 

Again, wow.

What a twist.

Those dastardly Russians, holy shit. I should probably lay off some of my criticism of the Kremlin. Seems like someone somewhere at the top hates the same people that I hate.

Of course, if I were the Russian government, I wouldn’t arrest anyone – even over Christianity-bashing.

I would instead promote a counter-culture. But the problem is, the counter-culture in Russia is totally liberal and cucked and you just barely have the start of an “Alt-Right” online culture.

When you see a Pepe, you think, “oh, these are my guys!” But then you realize that Pepe is used by liberals in Russia, and you back the fuck away from that shit in revulsion and disgust.

I also don’t think that this is a Kremlin initiative.

Seems more like a local initiative from the more hardcore and based regions who take their faith seriously.

Using hate speech laws to shut down liberals? Absolutely priceless lol, still chuckling over this.