Invasive Kikes Hit with Attack Car in Palestine – Two IDF Soldiers Dead!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2018

He must have been going fast. Wew. 

“Woe unto the innocent kikes, who through all of history never did anything wrong ever, but that everyone was to hate them for no reason at all.”

NBC News:

A Palestinian motorist rammed and killed two Israeli soldiers and wounded two others in the occupied West Bank on Friday, the Israeli military said.

A spokesman for the Israel’s Shin Bet security agency said that the attack was carried out by Alaa Rateb Aa-Latif Kabha, 26, who had been released from an Israeli jail in April 2017. Kabha was captured by security forces.

“The working assumption is that the attack was a terrorist attack,” the spokesman said.

Here’s an interesting bit: Jews who die in the West Bank are basically playing the role of suicide bomber. It’s just that they are randomly chosen.

But understand: the Jews who go to live in these so-called “settlements” illegally within Palestinian territory, as well as the soldiers who go there to protect these settlements, know that some of them will die, and they know that their deaths will give an excuse to build more colonies.

So it’s a sort of “politically-driven suicide lottery.”