Iowa City: White Man Arrested in His Own Business for Questioning a Moslem Terrorist

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2017

Would you feel comfortable if a man who looked like this came to your business to “ask” for services? Didn’t think so.

Freedom in America has been so eroded that we can no longer even ascertain as to whether a prospective customer is or isn’t a terrorist without getting arrested for it.


When you see someone who is obviously of terrorist descent, it’s not only your right, but your duty to grill them until they confess their criminal intent.

That they would arrest a brave, innocent man for protecting America is a crime against decency.

Iowa City Press Citizen :

The owner of an Iowa City automotive repair shop was arrested on a harassment charge after police say he repeatedly asked a customer if he was a terrorist.

According to an Iowa City Police Department complaint, Cermak Automotive owner Chad Anton Cermak, 47, was charged with third degree harassment, a simple misdemeanor, after an incident at his business Monday.

His name is Chad!

I’m not even surprised.

All Chads think alike.

At about 4 p.m. Monday, a customer entered the store, 1220 Gilbert Court, and Cermak made “multiple and repeated harassing statements to the customer,” according to the complaint.

The comments included:

“Are you a Muslim?”
“Are you a terrorist?”
“Are you a suicide bomber?”
“Are you wearing a bomb vest?”
“How do you walk down the street without people fearing you?”
“Are you going to blow up my place of business?”

These are all completely reasonable questions that anyone would be asking a terrorist lookalike.

Think about it.

If someone entered your store and looked like this:

Wouldn’t you ask him questions like these?

  • Are you an alien?
  • Do you draw crop circles?
  • Have you mutilated cattle recently?
  • Are you here to abduct me in your flying saucer?

The report stated the customer attempted to end the conversation multiple times. They reported the incident and felt that they were “offended, in disbelief and felt alarmed” about the comments.

If the “customer” felt offended, he could have left at any time – he was in someone else’s business, after all. Yet he still felt it was appropriate to call the cops on the business owner – even though he’s the one who’s likely a terrorist.