Iran: Hundreds of Thousands Chant “Death to America, Death to Israel” in Anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2019

America is clumped together with Israel because something something the interests of Israel align with America’s somehow. The chants are not even “death to Israel, death to America.” No. The chants put America first.

Heh, at least someone is putting America first somewhere.

Really, why did we make enemies of these people for hating the universally hated Synagogue of Satan? Everyone in history that had the pleasure to interact with them ended up hating them and kicking them out. Such a hated group does not sound like a very beneficial ally, even without knowing what we know about them in 2019.

Daily Mail:

Crowds chanted ‘Death to America, death to Israel’ as hundreds of thousands of Iranians gathered at rallies to mark the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. 

Ceremonies were held across Iran today to observe the anniversary of the fall of the Shah and the triumph of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Shiite cleric who led the coup.

Iran’s army declared its neutrality on February 11, 1979 which paved the way for the collapse of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi – and ousted the United States’ most important ally in the Middle East.

Crowds gathered in the rain in Tehran Azadi, or Freedom Square, on Monday, waving Iranian flags and chanting ‘Death to America’ – a mantra that has been standard fare at anti-US rallies across Iran.

Chants of ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to Britain’ followed, and demonstrators were caught on camera burning US and Israeli flags.  

Yadollah Javani, a senior commander in Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, threatened to burn two of Israel’s cities ‘to the ground’ if the US attacked Iran when speaking at a rally on Monday.







Last week, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei defended the ‘Death to America’ chants, saying they are aimed at America’s leaders such as Trump and not its people.

The Iranian people ‘will not stop saying “Death to America” as long as the US acts malicious’ toward Iran, Khamenei said.

It would be nice if America could stop being Israel’s bitch for once. The only reason Israel still has Jews in it is because the United States is defending it. If we pulled out of it and announced America is no longer an ally of Israel, and that Israel is on its own…

How long do you think Israel will last?

We don’t even have to do anything, because if we didn’t do nothing, the rest of the Middle East would eat Israel alive before you could finish saying “I AM THE SENATE!”

We’re not only not fighting our enemy, but we’re also fighting our enemy’s enemies and keeping our enemy alive.

It’s insane. We can’t even ask why the phrase “interests of Israel” is mentioned when talking about America’s politics without being labeled all sorts of things and having the discussion or our platform shut down for “hate.”

Everything is insane.

We have to push hard for getting out of the Middle East and against stupid wars so that if for some reason Iran or any other Moslem country decides to finally nuke Israel, we won’t get involved.

Let these Middle East people deal with their Middle East stuff as they see fit.

…and let us for once really put America first.