Iran Releases Video of Drone Shootdown

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2019

The video doesn’t necessarily prove anything about the coordinates of the plane.

But I’m pretty much willing to side with Iran, and believe it encroached on them.


Video footage of Iran’s air defenses shooting down a high-altitude US Navy surveillance drone has been posted on social media by the Iranian military. It shows the missile launch and an explosion at the moment of interception.

The brief clip, filmed early Thursday morning and set to rousing music, shows a surface-to-air missile launch from an Iranian battery and the explosion of a target in the sky, said to be the ill-fated US spy drone.

The Pentagon released its own footage of the shootdown earlier on Thursday – a 15-second black and white video showing what looks to be a trail of smoke from a descending aircraft, and little else.

It doesn’t really matter where it was – that’s just he said/she said bullshit at this point.

The US is the aggressor here.

This drone was specifically designed to avoid the exact kind of missiles Iran shot it down with.

Which might be symbolic of the way this conflict is going to escalate.