Is ICE Giving its Agents Style Bonuses? It Sure Looks Like It.

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2018

My father always used to say, “son, if you’re gonna do something, might as well do it with STYLE.” Yes, he used the vaporwave font too.

One gimmick I always love in video games is when the game rewards you with extra points for doing things with flair and panache. You know, a little “je ne sais quoi.”

My first experience with this was in Carmageddon, where you got points for running over pedestrians, but you could get crazy bonuses for doing stuff like barrelling your car over a street crossing or flipping your car over a ramp and landing on a cow or whatever.

They couldn’t make this game today, lol.

More recently, you had Bulletstorm, where you racked up point by using a variety of weapon combos and environment kills.

My point is, everything is better when you do it with style.

And that, obviously, extends to deporting beaners.

ICE definitely needs to find increasingly lulzy ways to publicly humiliate third-world invaders who occupy our country.

And they are – God bless em’.

Kansas City Star:

A 36-year-old undocumented immigrant could be deported after being apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents while driving his pregnant wife to the hospital to deliver their baby.

Instead of being with his wife at the hospital after the planned cesarean section delivery Wednesday afternoon, Joel Arrona-Lara was being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an ICE statement said, according to a translated report by KMEX, a Spanish-language TV station in Los Angeles.

Arrona-Lara was driving María del Carmen Venegas to the hospital in San Bernardino, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, where the procedure was scheduled, the station reported, when they pulled into a gas station to refuel. The report said ICE agents tapped on the window of the couple’s vehicle and ultimately told Arrona-Lara to get out.

GREAT TIMING BONUS: +500 points!
SALTY TEARS BONUS: +250 points!

These guys definitely need to get bonus pay for this. In fact, considering how many of these funny ICE stories we’ve seen in recent months, I’m pretty sure their agents are getting quartely bonuses based on how funny or ironic they make their arrests.

They certainly must be competing for points.

In this case, she was scheduled to have a caesarian section, which means that the hospital had a record and this is possibly what ICE used to track her husband down.

This is particularly great because it makes all these invaders increasingly paranoid about using our social services and other institutions, for fear of their information being used to help deport them or their loved ones. Once invaders can no longer use any of our social services, any incentive they might have had to live among us will be gone, and they’ll have little choice but to self deport.

“I [asked] them why they separated good people like that,” Venegas said, according to a translated version of a report by Spanish language station KVEA. “Why they did not arrest people who are bad and do bad things, let us go, but they told me that they were only doing their job. I never thought … that they would take him away, that they would hand him over, and that they would leave me at the gas station.

They just left her there, lol. “Good luck with the beaner child, woman.”

They really chose a great representative of the Mexican race to put on the spotlight, too. She’s straight out of a A. Wyatt Mann cartoon.

Security video from outside the gas station, posted online with the KVEA report, shows agents dressed in jackets emblazoned with “POLICE” leading a handcuffed Arrona-Lara into an SUV. Inside the gas station, footage shows a distraught Venegas talking on a cellphone and pointing as her husband is taken away.

The couple has lived together in Southern California for 12 years and have four other children, KVEA reported.

Venegas drove herself the rest of the way to the hospital, the station reported, but was hours late for her scheduled appointment and was told by doctors she had elevated blood pressure at the time she arrived. Her husband, 36, is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, the report said.

ICE has really been on a roll lately. No one is beyond their reach – even guys who have been here for over a decade.

Trump softened people up by saying they’d be going after really bad criminals first, but it seems like they’ve quickly graduated to smiting randos as well, and doing so in a spectacular and media-savvy way.

No wonder the J-Left has been screaming to abolish ICE.