Is Marvel Comics Finally Realizing that “Getting Woke” Means “Going Broke?”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2018

Turns out strong women of color beating up the patriarchy isn’t selling very well with their young White male audience. Who would’ve thought.

Marvel Comics are just about the #Wokest “entertainment” company out there. They’ve got trannies, they’ve got homos, they’ve got strong independent wymin who don’t need no man, they’ve got Moslems – they got whatever you need for your cuckold fetish.

What they don’t got is an actual revenue stream – outside those stupid movies. Their comics – those don’t sell.

Who wouldn’t pay to see such things?

While it seems Marvel has been perfectly content with not selling anything for years now, it seems like someone at the company is starting to feel embarrassed that their only stream of revenue is coming from licensed materials like movies and video games, while their own products are fading into total cultural irrelevance.

Well, considering that basically their entire writing staff is composed of rabid SJWs now, they’re going to have a lot of firing to do before they can hope to become relevant again.

But one is a start.

Screen Rant:

New York Times bestselling writer Chuck Wendig has been fired from Marvel Comics’ Star Wars books because of political comments on social media.

This guy’s Twitter feed is insane. He’s a grown man writing hundreds of tweets per day in some manic, ADHD style, interspersed with SJW ramblings.

This kind of feed would make him unemployable at a sanitation company, yet Marvel had no issue letting him write their comic books.

At last week’s New York Comic Con, Marvel announced a new Star Wars: Shadow of Vader project. The five-issue miniseries is intended to explore different stages in Darth Vader’s life, presumably with each issue set in a different time-period. Wendig, whose experience in the Star Wars franchise spans both books and comics, seemed a perfect fit for writer. But it seems his social media history has caused problems for Marvel Comics.

Wendig took to Twitter to reveal that he’s been fired from both the last two issues of the Shadow of Vader series and another project that was yet to be announced. Although most comic book writers keep fairly quiet about the reasons for hiring and firings, largely because they want to get hired again later, Wendig has chosen to go public; this is probably because he has little to fear, given he’s a well-known author in his own right. Disturbingly, Wendig has explained that he was fired for his social media presence. He got the fateful call from Marvel editor Mark Paniccia, and was told his tweets had “too much politics, too much vulgarity, too much negativity.”

It’s important to understand the background of this issue. Wendig’s first entries in the Star Wars franchise were the Aftermath novels. Although they received some criticism due to their writing style – which used an unusual form of present tense – they triggered a backlash in some circles due to their inclusion of LGBTQ characters. The author found himself on the receiving end of some pretty nasty online abuse and harassment, which he’s even had to report to the police on occasion. Lucasfilm had his back; as Wendig noted, “privately, I was told by folks inside LFL that there was no worry here, that they valued that I spoke out both speaking up for myself and for STAR WARS, which has always honestly been a progressive brand and company.” The dispute has been ongoing, in part because Wendig wears his politics on his sleeve. And now, finally, it seems to have had repercussions; Wendig has been fired by Marvel Comics, a decision that he does believe was independent of Lucasfilm.

I guess he’s one of those guys who writes dialogue like “oh and btw, I’m a homo” out of nowhere.

No, you retard – the “default” is to not discuss character’s sexual preferences unless they have some bearing on the plot. The fact that you desperately wanted to include perverts in your stories but couldn’t even be arsed to find a plot reason to include that information, shows how deranged you really are.

I call it “Baldur’s Gate Syndrome.”

This is the second high-profile firing from Marvel for apparent political reasons in the last month. In September, Marvel canceled feminist writer Chelsea Cain’s upcoming Vision comic, two months before its release. Something seems to be changing at the House of Ideas, and it risks having a chilling effect on freedom of speech. That’s particularly alarming, given that comics have a long history of being political. Worse still, as Wendig points out, decisions like these have another dangerous side effect. They encourage the trolls, convincing them that – if they can just goad and abuse an artist into responding – they can achieve their goal and get them fired. “It does set a troubling precedent,” Wendig wrote. “One we’ve seen already – James Gunn, Jessica White, and so on – of folks fired because they riled up the wasp’s nest of asterisk-gate.”

Very good point. This is indeed encouraging.

All these faggots have abhorrent social media outputs, yet don’t get penalized. Yet if anyone in the entertainment industry starts writing even mildly conservative tweets, you can be sure that they’ll immediately suffer professional consequences.

But it seems that companies like Marvel are starting to realize that the “hate mob” might actually be a pretty good indication of the feelings of their actual customer base – unlike the SJW mob, which is totally irrelevant.

SJWs don’t read comics, they don’t play video games and their opinions are deeply unpopular. Catering to their desires is a suicidal business practice.

Movements like “Gamergate” and “Comicsgate” are the passionate vanguards of the normies – they express out loud what most normal people feel, even if only subconsciously.

Companies who actually want to make money would do well to actually start listening to these people.