Is There Anyone Other Than Outright Shills Trying to Defend the Orange Cheeto Man?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2019

I saw someone musing about whether or not there is anyone left still trying to defend President Donald Trump at this point in time.

I’m not personally aware of anyone serious trying to seriously defend Trump in June, 2019.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t. Ann Coulter doesn’t. Pat Buchanan doesn’t.

And Breitbart, which isn’t really a very good site anymore anyway, basically only defends him from leftists that are attacking him. There is very little promotion of anything he is actually doing, or outrageous claims that he’s doing things he isn’t. When he makes these obviously false claims about his alleged plans to do things, Breitbart doesn’t call him out on the fact that he’s lying, but they don’t pump it up either.

Most of the rest of the right-wing is completely shut down, so we don’t know what they think.

The only people I see actively defending Trump are people like Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk. And even Charlie Kirk published an op-ed begging him to stop trying to start wars.

Of course, you have the neocons of Fox News, which is everyone on that network other than Tucker and to an extent Laura Ingraham. But these are the same people who drove us into the Iraq war, and are obviously not serious people, but just GOP shills. Furthermore, some people at Fox have begun attacking Trump from the left – these include the homosexual Shep Smith and the Jew Chris Wallace.

I’m well-versed in attempts to defend Trump, as I’ve personally spent a long time looking for arguments upon which Trump can be defended. As I’ve said often, I would rather be defending Trump (or at least not attacking him), even if somewhat disingenuously, because I want this site to appeal to normies. And I think that a lot of low-information normies still do support him, because they have no idea what is even going on. But there are literally no possible grounds on which to defend anything he’s doing.

And if I were to disingenuously defend him at this point, or not attack him, this would make the site look very bad for those higher-information normies who are seeing what is going on, and who are much more important to me than the low-information normies who don’t.

I really wish Trump would just have kept with the whole “look, they’re stopping everything I’m trying to do, but I’m still out here trying to do something” bit. But over the past six months, he’s completely abandoned any pretense of that. He’s now just full “mass immigration and wars for Israel,” openly. Plus all this inexplicably weird stuff like trying to force Africans to fuck each other up the ass.

All that said, unless Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard gets the Democrat nomination, Trump will be the best option in 2020. Because the Democrat Party is just Trump 2 on steroids. They will do all of the wars, all of the immigration, and then all other types of hell you can’t even imagine. Every other candidate has said explicitly that they will begin prosecuting white nationalists for their beliefs, and I would much prefer to have four more years of that not happening.

But other than “at least he’s not throwing us in cages and torturing us for our politics,” there is just nothing good to say about Trump at this point. Oh, and he did have Julian Assange thrown in a cage and tortured for his politics. So he’s not even clean on that front either.

It’s very sad.