Is This the Beginning of the End for the “White Helmets” Terrorists in Syria?

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2018

The White Helmets now have much less money to stage future baby gassing hoaxes.

The White Helmets are a Western backed terrorist group that has been operating inside of Syria for the purposes of overthrowing Bashar Al-Assad. They’ve been there for several years functioning under the guise of a humanitarian group. They’ve engaged in all sorts of chicanery going so far as to stage hoax videos designed to frame Assad as an evil man who uses chemical weapons on babies.

Fortunately, it looks as if the Trump administration has pulled the plug on their funding.


As the reputation of the controversial militant-linked White Helmets continues to crumble, even the US State Department seems to be having second thoughts about supporting the group, reportedly placing a freeze on its funding.

The State Department’s support for the White Helmets is “under active review,”according to a CBS News report. The group reportedly hasn’t received funding in weeks, but neither has it received formal confirmation that Washington’s financial assistance has come to a complete halt. This would mean a significant blow for the group, as the money accounts for about one-third of the White Helmets’ overall funding.

An internal State Department document cited by CBS said that its Near East Bureau needed confirmation from President Donald Trump’s administration by April 15 in order to approve funding for the White Helmets. If that wasn’t received, the department would initiate “shut-down procedures on a rolling basis.”

Samantha Power, who was Barack Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations, was none too pleased about the move. She took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction which means that ending their funding was the right thing to do.

The White Helmets were responsible for staging the Douma footage purporting to show victims of an Assad ordered chemical weapons attack. Their video was broadcast all over the Jew-run media as proof that Assad gassed children.

In reality, all they did was film children getting sprayed with water hoses while falsely claiming that Assad attacked them with chemical weapons. The footage was comical and widely mocked by honest observers and commentators.

Since Assad’s forces have continued to make substantial military gains, groups like the White Helmets have much less room to operate. Hopefully we will soon see this ridiculous terrorist organization purged from the country once and for all. Barring covert funding and a major shift in the direction of the Syrian war, it certainly looks as if their days are numbered.

But honestly, it’s hard to see why anybody would want to dump more money into this group considering how poorly their last baby gassing video was received. They’re definitely not very skilled at manufacturing propaganda.