Is Tucker Really Low-Key Warning Us About Imminent Alien Invasion?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2019

Tucker Carlson appears to believe that UFOs are visiting our planet and causing shenanigans and that the government should start opening up its alien archives and talking about the issue candidly.

He did a very serious UFO segment Friday.

This isn’t the first segment that he’s done, and I’m starting to detect a pattern here.

In general, I think Tucker is right to be concerned. It is imperative that we make contact with the ayys before the Jews do. Using their alien technology, we might be able to just risk open combat with the Jews and overthrow them, despite their vast conventional advantages.

Alien weaponry would be the equivalent of using firearms vs stone age tribesmen in the Americas and the Pacific Islands. The kvetching would be eternal and everlasting, and we would usher in the golden age of the Space Reich.

This is what the Fuhrer wanted.

I do not think that our alien overlords would care much about chopping our sons’ dicks off and forcing us to believe that 6 million Jews were masturbated to death in Poland.

They’d probably want to mine our planet’s resources and would need slave laborers for the mines.

So, logically, we can just give them the blacks and the browns and the entirety of Africa and just call it a day.

This seems like a fair trade for alien weapons and the end of the Jewish domination of our planet.

Armed with these bad boys, who could stop us?

Tucker wants the aliens to know that they have friends and allies in America who want to break into Area 51 and set them free.

Shit would be lit.

We’d chill for a bit and get to know each other, then we’d get around to business.

Us: Yo, we need to do something about these kikes, like, for real tho.

Aliens: A-ite, I’m gonna need dem Africans for the mines though.

Us: Word, I feel you.

Aliens: We good?

Us: Yeah, we good homie. Hit us up with them weapons.

Hell yeah, nigga.

Let’s burn this bitch down!

Editor’s Note: 

Tucker is actually suggesting that the government has secret high-level technologies it’s hiding and that they’re pretending it’s aliens. This is almost certainly what is actually happening. I very much doubt that we are being visited by aliens. We are seeing these strange objects here, so it makes sense that they are from here. That is sort of the obvious assumption.

The entire UFO movement – the movement that claims these lights just MUST be aliens – is run by Jews. And talking about aliens just makes the whole UFO discussion cartoonish and ridiculous to normal people. Talking about the government having created new planes that we don’t know about is very sensible. But if you were the government, and you didn’t want people to talk about that, you would encourage them to talk about space aliens instead.