Israel Forced to Close Down Chemical Plant After Hezbollah Makes Video Saying They Can Hit It

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2017

American cuckservatives love to fantasize about Israel the invincible, but in reality all it takes to push them back is to casually mention that you’re ready to counter-punch.

In Haifa, tens of millions of dollars were lost and 800 workers were laid off after the Israeli government ordered an ammonia plant shut down. The reasoning is that Hassan Nasrallah has mentioned that his group has the means to hit it.

This costly pre-emptive move shows that Israel may be planning to invade Lebanon again to avenge ISIS.

It will be borderline suicidal if they decide to do so. Hezbollah’s offensive capabilities have improved drastically in the last few years. And the Jews lost a war to them a decade ago.

Daily Mail:

Around 800 people will be laid off in the court-ordered closure of a major Israeli ammonia storage facility previously threatened by Hezbollah, the owners announced Wednesday.

The head of US-owned Haifa Chemicals, Jules Trump, told Israeli army radio the company was dismissing 800 workers in two plants that processed the ammonia.

“We have lost hundreds of millions of shekels (tens of millions of dollars) in recent months because, contrary to the promises of the government, there is no alternative solution on the horizon,” he said.

The Israeli Supreme Court last week confirmed a ruling ordering the closure of the 12,000 tonne facility located in the northern Israeli city of Haifa, giving the company until September 18 to empty it completely.

The ruling brought to an end a years-long legal battle over the site.

Residents and environmentalists had been warning of the risks of an accident or explosion at the container in the densely populated Mediterranean port city.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in 2016 that a missile strike on the tank would have the effect of a “nuclear bomb,” increasing calls for its closure.

Nasrallah, whose group targeted the Haifa area in a 2006 war with Israel, echoed warnings from experts and activists cited in Israeli media that “tens of thousands of people” would be killed in case the container was struck.

If Israel were to utilize its age-old tactic of purposely slaughtering civilians to break enemy morale, the Lebanese can now retaliate by launching missiles at the kikes in folding chairs watching the carnage from the hilltops as entertainment.

If bombing women and children incurs a stiff penalty, how are the Israelis going to beat Hezbollah?

The answer is: they won’t. Instead, every time Nasrallah tweets them a casual reminder of his party’s capabilities, they retreat like the cowardly vermin they are.

Now that they’ve crushed Al-Qaeda and ISIS, Hezbollah’s on a collision course in its War on Jewish Terror with the last member of the Axis of Evil.

Note: there is no relation between “Jules Trump” and the president.