Israel is Demanding That Rammstein’s New Deutschland Music Video is Deleted Over Holocaust Scenes

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2019

The Israeli government is actually calling for Rammstein’s new music video to be deleted from the tubes. Jews really don’t like it when non-Jews depict their dumb Holocaust hoax in film.

Last week, the German metal band Rammstein put out a short 35 second video depicting the band members awaiting execution in a World War II era concentration camp. The clip was a preview for their full length Deutschland music video. Despite there being no actual context to the clip, it was immediately condemned by Jews everywhere.

A representative from Israel’s Foreign Ministry named Emmanuel Nahshon actually demanded that the clip be deleted from the Internet.

It’s pretty hilarious to see a Jew complain about a band depicting the alleged Holocaust in a video. Hollywood Jews have depicted this fictional hoax event in countless movies. It’s actually been quite the profitable industry for them. They’ve literally made billions of dollars off of films depicting this historical fabrication.

Looking at this in proper context, the actual full length Deutschland video does not endorse rounding up Jews and killing them in shower room gas chambers. It also does not endorse Adolf Hitler or National Socialism. It simply depicts various periods of German history while prominently featuring a Negress. The concentration camp prisoners depicted in the preview clip actually end up shooting the German guards.

RT put out a video where some kike from the Simon Wiesenthal Center named Efraim Zuroff whined about the video hurting the feelings of Jews. He even rambled on about some Polish filmmaker who made a separate video depicting naked actors playing tag inside of a gas chamber. I legitimately lol’d when he brought that up.

These Jews are fools for demanding that this video be banned. There is nothing remotely offensive about it and the only people who are complaining about it are Jews. All they are doing is exposing themselves as the devious and vindictive race that they are. And let’s be honest, their whining is becoming tiresome. If they keep this up, they’re going to meme a real Holocaust into existence and nobody will give a shit when it happens.