Israel: Jew Model Attacks Islamic Dress Code in Ad

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2018

So yeah.

This ad would literally be illegal in Europe because of laws created by Jews.


Bar Refaeli’s new clothing ad has sparked outrage over its depiction of Muslims. It shows the Israeli supermodel taking off a niqab and suggesting that there is no freedom in Iran.

Images of Rafaeli wearing the Islamic headcover appeared in newspapers and on billboards around Israel this weekend, all featuring the words, “Iran is here?”

On Monday, the accompanying ad was shown on television and on social media. Rafaeli appears wearing a face veil and head cover, which she soon rips off to reveal her long blond hair, a crop top and jeans. The ad is for a new line from the clothing brand Hoodies, which she partially owns.

As Refaeli dances around, enjoying her Hoodies clothing, a song plays with the lyrics, “it’s all about freedom, finally breaking the chains, costing my freedom.”

“Freedom is basic,” Refaeli says at the end. The supermodel has since deleted the video from her Instagram, but it remains on the Hoodies’ Youtube channel.

Associating women’s rights with freedom in the context of discussing Islam seems like something that is basic and logical – but they’ve strictly told the goyim we cannot mention this issue.

I personally side strongly with the Moslems in believing that women deserve to be beaten, raped and stuffed in trash bags for their own safety. In my experience, the Jewish plan to “liberate women” does not amount to freedom but instead enslavement to women.

But this is the narrative:

  • Women have a right to be epic whores
  • Islam means peace
  • You cannot ask why Islamic women wear burkas

So if you look at that for what it is, you end up in a confusing situation… then you add the layer that Jews are uniquely not required to abide by these rules, and that multiplies all of it.

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