Israel: Jews Open Fire on Border Protesters, Killing 5 (Including a Child)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2018

Just business as usual in Jewville.

No international outrage. Because the Jews shut down all the anti-Israel groups.

The Guardian:

Israeli forces have killed three Palestinians including a child at a border protest in Gaza, Palestinian officials have said.

No Israelis were wounded, but the army said it was defending itself against members of the crowd who were throwing grenades and explosives at its soldiers.

Thousands of Palestinians had gathered for a weekly protest along Israel’s border fence with the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Islamist group Hamas.

Gaza’s health ministry said three Palestinians, including a 12-year-old boy, were shot dead by Israeli forces. At least 126 others were wounded by bullets, it said.

Israel’s military said some Palestinians were “throwing explosive devices and grenades, rolling burning tyres and hurling rocks” at its soldiers and the border fence. A group even crossed the fence into Israel to throw grenades before returning to the Gaza Strip, it said.

Meanwhile, in Jew-controlled America, we’re not even allowed to detain people at the border. The idea of opening fire on people at the border is so far outside of what is conceivable in America that it is inconceivable.

I would like to note that Trump’s support for Israel has not gotten a single American Jew off of his back. Furthermore, I would like to note that Trump obviously looks at the Jews as an interest group, and genuinely believed that support for Israel would get some of them off his back.

Right now, the only reason he supports Israel is because so many of his supporters are evangelicals. But they can be rerouted.