Israel Unveils Plans for a Racist Underground Border Wall

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2018

Israel has a very racist border wall. Where is the tolerance?

The Jews have unveiled plans to build a very racist and intolerant underground border wall around the Gaza Strip.


The Israeli army on Thursday revealed details of a massive underground barrier being built along the border with the Gaza Strip in a bid to neutralise the threat of Palestinian attack tunnels.

Eventually stretching some 65 kilometres (41 miles), the concrete wall will be accompanied by motion sensors designed to detect tunnel digging and is expected to be completed by mid-2019.

The project had been previously announced, but details of its construction had been kept secret until Thursday, when journalists were allowed to view aspects of it.

The details were unveiled days after the army destroyed what it described as a tunnel intended for attacks stretching from the blockaded Palestinian enclave into Israel and eventually Egypt, at least the third uncovered and demolished in less than three months.

This sounds like quite the hateful underground wall system they’re constructing. Miles of concrete complete with motion sensors. Guess they don’t like their Palestinian neighbors all that much!

This entire wall project shows once again the hypocritical nature of the Jewish race. The Jews claim that border walls protecting White nations are racist while simultaneously claiming that border walls protecting Israel from Palestinians are needed for security.

Border walls are either racist or they’re not racist. They can’t be both racist and not racist at the same time. So which is it Jews?

Since the Jews have such an obviously hypocritical double standard on this issue, it’s easy enough for us to justify adopting the same type of hypocritical position but in reverse.

That’s why we support border walls to protect the White race but we are against border walls in Israel because it is racist and against multiculturalism.

What’s interesting is how some Jew leftist groups have become more aggressive in calling out some of Israel’s hypocritical migration policies. The multiculturalism and diversity agenda pushed by Jews has gone so far that many of their own people have bought into it.

Take in point how Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League and HIAS are now attacking the Israeli government’s African deportation policies. This is a division among the Jewish people that we must exploit to the fullest.

That’s why we need to encourage open borders for Israel and multiculturalism for Jews. Tell them that they need to build bridges and not walls. Give those evil Jews a taste of their own medicine!