Israeli Diplomat in Berlin Says Goal is to Reinforce German Guilt Over the Holocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2015

It is real in the minds of the German people
It is real in the minds of the German people

This is pretty intense.


A spokeswoman for the Israeli embassy in Berlin recently told Israeli journalists it was in the country’s interest to maintain German guilt about the Holocaust, and that it isn’t seeking full normalization of relations between the governments.

Embassy spokeswoman Adi Farjon made the comments in a closed briefing session with journalists at the embassy.

“We were all in shock,” said a female journalist present at the briefing. “The spokeswoman clearly said it was an Israeli interest to maintain German guilt feelings. She even said that without them, we’d be just another country as far as they’re concerned.”

Others present at the event confirmed the journalist’s account.

Some added that the Israeli ambassador himself, Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, was present for some of the briefing, as were other embassy workers who don’t speak Hebrew. Another journalist commented, “It was so awkward. We couldn’t believe our ears. We’re sitting there eating peanuts, and behind the spokeswoman there are two German women sitting there who don’t understand a word of Hebrew – and the embassy staff is telling us they’re working to preserve the German guilt feelings and that Israel has no interest in normalization of relations between the two countries.”

“I don’t remember saying that,” Farjon told Haaretz in response. “I can’t vouch for any particular quote, she added. “It was an off-the-record conversation, a briefing talk. The way I speak with Israeli journalists is a little different. These things aren’t intended to get out. I can’t reveal the principles I work by. For example, I don’t say who I go to in order to get good stories out here, or who I pay for things like that.”

A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said Farjon’s comments had been taken out of context. “These are tendentious quotes … from an off-the-record briefing for Israeli reporters who were visiting Berlin. At this briefing, there was an open and critical discussion in which the invited Israeli journalists took an active part, and it’s regrettable that someone decided to violate the rules of journalistic ethics and take selected statements out of their broader context and distort them in a way that alters their meaning.”

Pretty hard to put those statements into any context where they mean something different than they obviously mean.

Don’t worry though, Jew. This means absolutely nothing that you said publicly that you are doing what the whole world can see you doing publicly. You are milking those sixty trillion lampshades for all the shekels you can get, and the German people are continuing to bow down to you.

This advertisement was featured prominently in drug store windows across Germany during WWII.  A common insult at the time was "you can't even afford pure Jew soap."
This advertisement was featured prominently in drug store windows across Germany during WWII. A common insult at the time was “you can’t even afford pure Jew soap.”

If they ever decide to stop bowing down to you, they will do so because of an internal change, not because you publicly admitted you were abusing them.

I doubt that once everyone who knew anyone who was alive during the war is dead, people will still care. And if they don’t care enough to feel guilty, they will look at the facts surrounding the issue and see that it is obviously a massive hoax. But by then you probably will have completely exterminated the German race through massive immigration, so it won’t make any difference.

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