Israeli Eurovision Promo Too Jewish and Weird; Falls Flat on Its Face

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2019

The Israelis are trying to soften their image going into Eurovision.

But their particular brand of bizarre humor and chutzpah doesn’t play well with the gentiles they’re trying to woo.


Eurovision organizers wanted to advertise Israel to tourists and show that the locals aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves but missed the mark completely uniting the most fierce political rivals in outrage.

The clip, released by state-owned Kan broadcaster ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel-Aviv next week, begins with a pair of terrified European guests arriving at Ben Gurion International Airport. They are jumped on by the contest’s host Lucy Ayoub and the channel’s journalist Elia Grinfeld, who break into a catchy song full of various stereotypes about Israel.

“Don’t say a word, I know what you just heard, that it’s a land of war and occupation. But we have so much more than that,” Lucy and Elia reassure the visitors in the opening verse of their 4-minute-long musical number.

Maybe it’s all the years of watching Seinfeld, but I actually thought most of it was passably funny.

Nothing too cringe, really.

A lot of Jewish humor has a self-deprecating quality to it. The clip is filled to the brim with examples of that.

It’s just that good goys don’t really know how to react to Jewish self-deprecating humor – mostly because it’s a catch-22.

See, you’re typically not supposed to say anything bad about stereotypes usually associated with Jews – like their legendary greed.

So when a Jew brings it up, are you allowed to laugh along, or is it a clever Jewish trap to nail you with the dreaded anti-Semitism charge?

This is an awkward and uncomfortable position for most people to find themselves in.

That being said, there was a lot of stuff that the average Eurovision viewer would look upon with approval.

In general, the only real complaint about this video seems to be that it is too self-deprecating, and therefore anti-Semitic.

Also, they make light of the whole Palestinian thing.

I <3 Iron Dome

Again, in Europe, the “Zionists” catch a lot of flak over their genocide of the Palestinians and continual war-mongering in the Middle East.

This is partially the result of the Islamization of Europe, but also because Europe has a left-wing tradition of critiquing Israel’s policies in the Middle East as well as the conspicuous absence of the Holocaustianity heresy.

However, when the video was released on Friday not many in Israel and abroad got the joke, no matter of their political affiliation.

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, raged on Twitter over taxpayer money being used to make an “anti-Semitic” video.

Other right-wing commentators also chipped in, saying that the clip didn’t mock, but only reinforced negative stereotypes about Jewish people.

The Jews are a ridiculous people. They’re always squabbling and bickering, shooting themselves in the foot and making complete asses of themselves any chance that they get to be in the limelight. It’s only because they run literally everything that they can get away with all the contradictory, head-scratching, chin-stroking shit that they do without people calling them out on their bullshit.

Furthermore, Yair Netanyahu has an ice cold take here. The video, with its emphasis on self-deprecating humor, street food and butt seks, was squarely directed at the Hipster Millennial and tail-end Gen X demographic – the only demo gay enough to be into the self-deprecating tone of the video.

You know, the only people who would still unironically be watching Eurovision in 2019 (while also claiming to be watching it ironically if anyone asks).

And the whole “our city (Tel Aviv) is so weird and zany just like me, har har!” theme of the promo was also right on point for the target demo of urban freaks that Eurovision targets.

Other cities do this as well all the time.

If it weren’t for the fact that most gentiles are scared stiff by the Jewish issue and feel like they’re not allowed to notice anything bad about Jews, I think that this promo would have actually been a success.