Israeli Jews Continue Sustained Assault on Poland for Refusing to Accept Responsibility for Alleged Holocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2018

The narrative of WWII is that it was started by Adolf Hitler when he invaded Poland. The entire world had to then wage war on Germany to protect Polish border integrity. During the war, the occupying Germans used Polish land to build work camps which the Jews allege were secretly death camps wherein Jews were gassed to death by the millions in fake shower rooms and transformed into lampshades and soap.

So although the victimhood of the Jews greatly outweighs the victimhood of the Poles, the Poles were the original victim of the Germans. Furthermore, the core narrative is that everyone who opposed the evil German/Axis powers was uniquely good in contrast with the uniquely evil Germans.

In 2014, a Polish-Canadian Jew professor, Jan Grabowski, published a book saying that the Poles were also doing a Holocaust on the Jews. He claimed that Poles Holocausted 200,000 Jews.

The claim represented an entire reframing of the existing historical narrative, moving Poles from victims of Nazis to Nazi-collaborators against the Jews.  A Polish group then published a letter signed by 134 academics saying that no, Poles did not do the Holocaust.

As far as I’m aware, this was a totally new narrative, which interestingly changed the “good vs. evil war” narrative into an “everyone is out to get the Jews” narrative. The new narrative appears to have been directly connected to a rise in right-wing and nationalist sentiment in Poland. All of the sudden, all Jews everywhere came out of the woodwork to begin accusing the Poles of doing the Holocaust.

In response, Poland took a cue from the Jews and put forward a law to ban Jews from accusing them of doing the Holocaust. This received a massive backlash from the Jews, and for some reason, the state of Israel itself.

It is incredible to see these Jews fighting tooth and nail to defend this 4-year-old vast expansion of their victim narrative.


Israel’s Education Minister, who ahead of a planned trip to Poland said he was going to set the record straight on Polish complicity in the Holocaust, has seen his visit canceled amid a diplomatic row between Warsaw and Tel Aviv.

The Polish government canceled my visit to Poland because I mentioned the crimes of its people. It was my honor,” Naftali Bennett said in a statement Monday evening. “Now the next generation has an important lesson to learn on the Holocaust of our people, and I will make sure that they learn it. This decision of the Polish government will have a large role in handing down the lessons of the Holocaust, even if they intended on achieving something else.”

Initially, when the education ministry announced his visit, Bennett said he was “determined to say explicitly [what] history has already proved — the Polish nation had a proven involvement in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust.”

He says it like something different wasn’t claimed for 70 years.

“The message is loud and clear: The past cannot be rewritten and the future we’ll write together,” added Bennett.

But the past was just rewritten – in 2014 by a Canadian Jew. Of the 3.2 million Jews who lived in Poland before World War II, over three million were killed under the Nazi regime. At least 1.9 million non-Jewish Polish citizens were killed by the Nazis as well. Last week, on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Polish parliament passed a bill which would make public statements suggesting Polish complicity in Nazi atrocities a crime punishable by up to three years in jail. To become law, it must be signed by President Andrzej Duda.

Israel slammed the new proposed legislation, emphasizing that Poland was instrumental in the extermination of Jews during World War II. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the bill a “distortion of the truth” aimed at “rewriting of history and the denial of the Holocaust.”

“True, the extermination camps in Poland were built and operated by the Germans, and we must not allow them to avoid this responsibility. But many Poles all over their country informed, handed over or participated themselves in the murder of some 200,000 Jews during the Holocaust and even afterward,” Bennett said Monday.

“Only a few thousand ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ risked their lives to save them. That’s the truth. I agreed to a dialogue based on the truth. The Polish government chose to avoid the truth. No legislation will change the past,” added Bennett.

They need a special new concept: “denial of new Holofacts” – that is that it is not simply illegal to deny the narrative of the Holocaust established in the 60s, but also illegal to deny any new allegations that Jews make against you regarding the events of the 1940s.

This is a massive overreach by the Jews.

Basically the situation which existed from 1945 to 2014, wherein the historical narrative was that both Poles and Jews were victims of the dastardly Germans, created a situation where it was beneficial for the Poles to prop-up the Holocaust hoax narrative. By randomly coming out and accusing the Poles of also doing the Holocaust, the Jews remove any benefit the Poles receive from the Jewish narrative of the hoax.

That’s precarious for the Jews, as Poland is the gatekeeper of the myth. That is where it all was alleged to have happened.

In my view, the ideal thing for the Polish government to do would be to simply remove its own laws against “Holocaust denial” and allow open research into the subject, including allowing scientists to come examine the sites where the supposed Holocaust took place in a critical fashion (something which has never been done).

I do not think that is going to happen right now. But we are one step closer to that happening. By making this huge scene blaming them for supposed crimes which have always been attributed to Germans, the Jews have intensified hostility for their race among Poles and they have effectively removed any interest the Poles have in protecting the sacred Jewish myth of the six million.

Slowly, we are going to begin seeing Polish calls for examinations and excavations of the sites of the alleged Holocaust.