Israeli Skanks Rally to Support Gun Control – For Americans

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2018

The Jews are bringing in their thots for reinforcement.

The the surprise of exactly no one, the Jews – in Israel – are marching to take away the guns of White people.

While Jews have always been behind the gun-control movement here, the idea that these Israelis are rallying to demand our disarmament is so hypocritical as to be absurd. Jews in Israel are armed to the teeth.

Really makes you think, huh?

And they’ll be bringing some Jewish thots who attended the Parkland highschool where the shooting took place for good measure.

And I’m not using the word “thot” lightly here.

They actually put this picture of these broads in the Haaretz article, lol.


Dani Tylim, 18, is a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. She is one of three Parkland students scheduled to speak at Tel Aviv’s March For Our Lives rally, to be held at 1 P.M. on Friday March 23 in front of the U.S. Embassy (with participants assembling at noon at Mike’s Place on the beachfront).

It’s a solidarity event ahead of the main March For Our Lives rally the following day in Washington, demanding changes to the U.S. gun legislation that made it possible for suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz to purchase an assault rifle like the one he used to murder 17 people on February 14.

Meanwhile, in Israel…

Sisters Maia and Eden Hebron (18 and 14, respectively) are the other Stoneman Douglas students set to speak at the Tel Aviv rally, organized by alumni from the school now living in Israel, plus Democrats Abroad and Pantsuit Nation Israel.

Eden Hebron’s father is Israeli, and she and her family visit the country regularly; they had already planned to spend the Passover holiday here with the family.

In the past, she says, she occasionally used to worry about traveling here. “I grew up listening to people telling me about bomb threats in Israel. I go there every year, but I always get a little bit of anxiety,” she says. “But now I’m not really scared to go. After all, I experienced the worst thing I could ever go through. I thought I was safe in class – and I wasn’t.”

You don’t have to worry about your safety in Israel. After all, Jews are pretty well armed out there.

Even women are open-carrying automatic rifles.

Marni Mandell, 40, who immigrated to Israel from Orlando, proposed the solidary rally in Tel Aviv. She says it was in despair that mass shootings – like the one that happened at the Pulse nightclub in her hometown in 2016, killing 49 – had become so commonplace.

“I just couldn’t not do anything anymore, even though I’m living in Israel and not living there,” Mandell says. “From my perspective, living in Israel, the one thing I could do is stand up and get people to stand up as far away as here, and create our own march to stand alongside those in America.”

Maybe you should be rallying for gun control in Israel, you stupid bitch?

Wow all these people carrying scary “military-style assault rifles” in Israel – how dangerous!

These Jewesses really hate guns, don’t they?

Jews have a level of chutzpah that’s difficult for us mere goyim to fathom. They understand very well how important it is to be armed in order to defend yourself against hostile brown people. But they have no problem simultaneously arming themselves to the teeth and calling for White people to be disarmed “for our safety.”

Jews see us as an enemy group. As such, they want us to have as few weapons as possible – non-Jews being armed makes them nervous, while Jews being armed makes them feel safe.

And you know what? I feel the same way. I want White people to be armed, and non-Whites to be disarmed. That’s a natural and normal way to think. We want our “friends” to be strong, and our enemies to be weak. We just don’t have the gall to try and convince our enemies that it’s in their interest to give up their weapons.

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